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Forum - Automatic icon cleaner

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Hey so been making an automatic icon cleaner. I know people can do it manually and I know the rest of you cheat but this is faster than manual and preserves fixed/default colours whereas the cheat methods do not.

This is meant to be a easy peasy paste and sheezy kind of tool. Just take a cropped screencap of the icon with some tool. (I use ScreenCloud with clipboard module but it's honestly awful. Snipping Tool will work it's just an extra button press to copy.) Get it on your clipboard if it's not already. Then Ctrl+V it into the tool, and ideally it will automagically remove all the background info. You should use a high-contrast interface and it must be opaque.

By default, the tool will select all of the inventory slots it sees and assume that's the icon, so taking a shot that cuts thru the surrounding icons is ideal. Example: AutomaticIconCleanerExample.png You can select the icon slots you want to use in the tool, though. Helpful if there's more than one.

Of course it's not perfect, so there's correction tools for it. If it screws up completely you probably need to adjust the grid. If certain background pieces aren't being erased, you need to adjust the colours (hover over the ? to see details on how). If you plan on pasting more, click "Lock these colors" after getting it to clean properly to keep those so you don't have to adjust them again.

Tool here - GitHub repo

Try it out and post here about how it goes!

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 18 February 2018 at 14:39.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 24 February 2018 at 18:21.

Hi so this now has a post-processing editor (to hide and show pixels) and is able to upload directly to the wiki. I replaced the missing icon links with a link to this tool to make it easier. Of course, since the tool isn't perfect, I'm expecting complaints!! Suspicious

I replaced it for StyleWeapon, StyleEquip, StyleMiscItem, and StyleItemEtc so far, not on the item preview templates yet. Don't know if I will.

Next steps: nag Yai to style it and nag Rydian to do a how-to video of it cause no one reads.

Going to look into adding "load image from pasted URL" functionality now and likely an "upload" from file button.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 24 February 2018 at 18:26.

Can now paste from URL so all your screen capping tools will probably work! Except Lightshot that doesn't work (cloudflare protection). I tested imgur, discord, and puush and those all work fine.

There's also some suggested interfaces to use (thanks for testing them Rydian!!) and some other helpful stuff for errors and correction.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 25 February 2018 at 16:25.