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Forum - Pet Perks, How Should These Be Added?

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The new update added 3 Pet Perks: Blue Shield, Healing Rays, and Bonding Ties.

Now these have two sides each: A Pet-sided skill which is trained by activating it a certain number of times, with activation prerequisites unique to each Perk. The pet-sided version is the base skill effect. And a Player-sided skill which is trained by ranking up the pet-sided skill, and counter to the pet-sided perk the player's one seems to work as a passive buff to the pet's version of the perk.

i.e. A Pet's Bonding Ties rF has an effect of "When activated, grants 5% of the Shadow Mission completion EXP earned to your pet. Your party members' pets receive 3% of the completion EXP." Whereas the Player's Bonding Ties Level 1 has an effect of "Grants pet an additional 5% Completion EXP. Grants party members' pets an additional 0.5% Completion EXP."

Anyways, my main question is, how do you want these skills added to the wiki? The training requirements of these perks are kind of unique. Like whereas Smash might be "Use Smash", Bonding Ties is "Activate Perk". But the thing is activating perk has its own requirements. I'm not sure if they change as the perk ranks up but right now the requirement is: "Stay mounted for 1 mins 0/1" "Obtain Combat EXP 0/20" "Have your pet deliver the finishing blow to an enemy 0/5" But I'm not sure where in the current skill/rank/training tables to put such information.

Also the Player's version of the perk at Level 1 (these go by "Levels" instead of "Ranks") says "Advance same perk. 0/1" and has its own effect, so I guess it's essentially its own skill? Do we make concrete separations like make a page titles "Bonding Ties (Pet)" and "Bonding Ties (Player)" or is this better handled by doing something similar to what happened with Techniques?

Posted by Iyasenu on 21 September 2019 at 08:54.

I would treat the skills somewhat like how the wiki treats the Divine Spells. So a category like Category:Crusader_Skills named Catgeory:Pet_Perks with the pet skills being treated like the crusader skills and the player skills being treated like the sub-skills.

Posted by Lint on 26 September 2019 at 23:32.

Alrighty, I've finished the pages on the pet perks for the most part. I split them into the base perks and the player perk counterparts.

But something I can't really find out is Healing Rays' "Healing boosted" amount. Healing already throws around numbers randomly through its healing range, so it's hard to tell what the boost amount is exactly, or whether it's a flat amount or a % boost. Using it I did notice that the healing amount is fixed for that particular AoE, always going between two fixed numbers. From my very small amount of testing: A pet with r1 Healing did: One time the AoE ticked either 114 or 171. It was consistent through all of that particular AoE's 14 ticks. Every heal was either 114 or 171. Then when that AoE ticked all 14 times I cast another one, and this time all the heals ticked either 132 or 198. So it seems to amount healed is decided the moment the AoE is cast, and has some kind of "mini crit heals" alongside the normal ones (in this example the 114s and the 132s were normal and the 171s and 198 were the "crits") Now r1 healing is 35~45, so maybe it's working off a % boost of the particular "roll" the healing orb that starts off the AoE gets, but if anyone knows the variables for sure it'd be great.

Posted by Iyasenu on 4 October 2019 at 08:34.