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Forum - Semantifying skills

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So while looking to make a couple of easier ways to view items I noticed that properties are rarely used in general. Seemed like an interesting project to look into and I've started by experimenting with skills with the particular goal of turning the stats and skills page into a bunch of queries instead of a wall of numbers you need to manually update.

You can see what I've done so far in my user page but in summary it's going to need a few changes:

  1. Replace the skill data tables with a template that assigns all the proper properties
  2. Some properties in stats to ease display (In particular to make the shortened name of a stat available for query)
  3. Piles of templates to make all these associated values only ever entered once and replicated everywhere else

Once I get some of this cleaned up a bit more I'll want to start replacing the data tables in skill pages, starting with the ones easier to support all the values. Not sure yet exactly what I'll do with the skill specific numbers like Collecting Time in Sheep_Shearing, probably pass in templates to some generic table builder and have each skill page specify which values they want to be able to display.

It's still very rough and I'm not sure if I'll end up actually finishing but it's been neat messing with this in my spare time so far.

Posted by Ninjanomnom on 2021 January 6 at 23:28.
Edited by Ninjanomnom on 2021 January 6 at 23:28.

Impressive that you got a working template for the skill info box with the colspan thing! Something we've never had and was definitely what I was dreading in semantifying skills.

I'm not sure what piles of templates you mean in #3.

One thing I would mention, I worry a bit about the usage of the rank_stat form (e.g. rF_AP) because skills often have unique-ish stats like Ice Spear's explosion radius. Do you think it would be possible to do the stats like that as subobjects which contain the value per rank? Like:

|skillName=Ice Spear
|statName=Explosion Radius

Something like this would work better in forms I think. Otherwise we'd have a bunch of empty input boxes for every skill and they'd need to be changed every new skill release.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 26 February 2021 at 17:26.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 26 February 2021 at 17:26.