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Forum - Template ease and documentation

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The other day we took a big step toward making Template:StyleEquip and Template:StyleWeapon easier to edit. It was a very long overdo change to remove the complicated XML parameter that just confused the heck out of your typical editor.

I need to update the docs for them but moreover. . .

I'm also releasing a tool for helping with adding new items. Consider this to be in beta, for now, as it's not complete. It only works for weapons right now, as well. I will add support for pasting in existing data templates as soon as I can (may not be all that soon) along with adding the remaining weapon types and parameters. Honestly this post has been sitting in a tab for days now and I just wanted to get it up.

The goal here is that data templates on the wiki, particularly, are something that need to be easy to edit. This mostly means documentation but it may also include tools such as the one above. Thus this thread is meant to be a project page for updating all templates to be easier and better documented. To a lesser extent, this also includes how to create a page for a new item (i.e. the not actually a template part, though there's probably a secret substitution template somewhere.)

Please tell me about the troubles you've run into trying to make edits in this regard and what could make it easier if you have any ideas.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 3 July 2017 at 23:18.

I've updated the tool with basic support for the StyleEquip template. It does not have much control over the category string yet, though.

Other updates:

  • It now uses the new gender/race parameters instead of Race.
  • Repairs are now hidden by default (but you can still set them).
  • Special upgrades and if something is explicitly not an ego is now detected from XML pastes.
  • Palette selection from pastes is fixed.
  • Added set bonus editor
  • Fixed bug where it was outputting the name instead of the desc for Desc...

I hope to flesh out equip categories and support parsing wiki data template pastes relatively soon.

EDIT: Now supports pasting in wiki data templates. Just edit a data (button under inv icon on its page), then select all (Ctrl+A), copy (Ctrl+C), and paste (Ctrl+V) it into the "Paste here" at the top. idk the mac shortcuts I think option instead of ctrl.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 6 August 2017 at 01:37.
Edited by Kadalyn (administrator) on 6 August 2017 at 05:56.

So I added searching & loading wiki data by typing in a name and clicking the page in the dropdown.

I also finally added comboboxes for some things (like weapon type, hybrid, and set bonus selection) that allows you to type to filter or set custom values. However, it's not being set correctly from pastes yet, should fix that soon.

Custom weapon type and hybridization entries have a custom syntax that isn't explained anywhere. Basically it's like the category string and don't need / on front or back. If you're making a custom weapon type you could be like weapon/my_type/{mat} where {mat} lets you select a material from the dropdown. There are a bunch of these but {cat} and {mat} are probably the only important ones for weapons. For those more technically minded, for now you can look at anything with the class equip-category-custom and the part in {} is the part of the ID that comes after equip-category-

If you wanna do custom category stuff your best bet is to just edit the string directly, honestly.

Also fixed a bug where help rollovers didn't work for extra lines in set bonus/seller editors.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 7 August 2017 at 01:52.

Enchants are a monster and I admittedly don't know them super well. However, I went over the template and made some basic documentation which should help a bit.

Doesn't cover like the overall "how to add an enchant to the wiki" but it at least covers adding the data.


Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 4 January 2018 at 15:38.

I posted the template tool on our GitHub! Feel free to contribute. Warm

Equip categories need a lot of love and weapons' doesn't have chain blades yet.

Posted by Kadalyn (administrator) on 8 January 2018 at 02:09.