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15th Anniversary Starlight Festival (2023)

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15th Anniversary Starlight Festival (2023)
March 16th, 2023 - April 13th, 2023

Welcome to the 15th Anniversary Starlight Festival!

  • During this event, you will receive the quest, [Guide] The Light of the Stars.
  • Talk to Neo in Dunbarton to register a main character.
    • You can only register one main character per account.
  • You will receive the following rewards after completing the guide quest:
  • Only the main character can participate in the quests and mini-games.
  • When issuing a check from any bank in Erinn, all characters can receive a 15th Anniversary Check design.
  • Note: You will be able to see shooting stars at night between 8 PM - 6 AM Erinn Time.
    • During the event, Star Cards can only be used at night.

15th Anniversary Hotdays

  • Login any time during the event period to receive the *NEW* 15th Anniversary Fantasy Star 2nd Title Coupon (Not Tradable).
    • Max Damage +15
    • Magic Attack +15
    • Fire/Wind/Earth/Water Alchemic Damage +10
    • Strength +15
    • Intelligence +15
    • Dexterity +15
    • Will +15
    • Luck +15
    • Movement Speed +1%
  • Every week (resets every Monday at 7:00 AM PDT), you will receive a special 5 Tiny Starbrite by logging in during the event period.
  • Every weekend on Saturday and Sunday, you will receive 10 Tiny Starbrite and other items by logging in during the event period.
  • Claim the item from the Hotday menu to receive it on your character or choose Claim Later if you want to receive it on another character.
  • The item can be moved between characters through the bank.
  • You can only claim the item once during the event period.

15th Anniversary Quests

[Guide] The Light of the Stars

How to Get Quest

Log in during the 15th Anniversary Starlight Festival (2023).

Briefing So this is Dunbarton, huh? It's a bustling, beautiful place! I'd like to return the favor to all the people who helped me by hosting a grand festival. -Neo
  • Talk to Neo in Dunbarton
  • ???
Additional Information

Find Neo in Dunbarton's Town Square, select a Main Character, and take part in 15th Anniversary events to earn rewards!

[Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 1

How to Get Quest

Complete [Guide] The Light of the Stars.

Briefing Our crash-landing flung my friends every which-way, probably 'cause they weren't wearing their seatbelts. Ruelle got my signal and found me soon after, but the rest of them haven't turned up yet. They're probably not TOO far away, but I'm worried something happened that's keeping them from coming. Could you help me look for them? - Neo
Additional Information

Find Heba near Dunbarton and tell her Neo is looking for her.

[Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 2

How to Get Quest

Complete [Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 1

Briefing I've been waiting a while, but I haven't received any responses to the signal I've been sending out. I think it's about time to start poking around a little more and seeing if we can find out what might've happenned to them. -Neo
Additional Information

Ask around town to find clues about what might've happened to Neo's friends.

[Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 3

How to Get Quest

Complete [Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 2

Briefing Someone who traveled here from a town called Tir Chonaill heard a loud noise near the Alby dungeon not too long ago. If you have some time, could you have a look? -Neo
  • Talk To Neo
  • Clear Alby Normal Dungeon
  • Talk to Neo
  • Talk to Marta
  • Talk to Neo
Additional Information

Clear the Alby Normal Dungeon and look for traces of Neo's friend.

[Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 4

How to Get Quest

Complete [Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 3

Briefing Good news! I've picked up a signal on my transceiver that only me and my friend Niate use. Could you go where it's broadcasting from and see what you can find? - Neo
Additional Information

Neo finally has info on his last missing friend. Check the location in the quest window and look for clues.

[Event] Party Favors

How to Get Quest

Complete [Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 4

Briefing Welcome, Milletian! My friends and I have put together some gifts we think you'll enjoy. All you have to do is lend them a hand with whatever they need. Easy, right? - Neo
Additional Information

Neo is promising prizes if you agree to help out his friends. His cache includes Tiny Starbrites, gestures, Homestead items, and more!

Daily Quests

[Event] The Fast and the Festive-ous

How to Get Quest

Log in during the 15th Anniversary Starlight Festival (2023).

Briefing Enjoy a well-rounded day of celebrating!
  • 10,000 Experience Points
Additional Information

Enjoy the Daily Quests, Mini-games, and Stage of Trials with Neo and his friends.

[Daily Quest] Help out Neo’s friends

  • Each of Neo’s friends will offer a daily quest.
  • Daily quests from each friend will become available after completing the event quests, [Event] All Aboard the Friend-Ship 1 through 4.
  • Each quest will reward a different Star Card. Ruelle's missions also reward festival food!
    • Only one daily quest can be completed each day.
    • The daily quest resets at 7:00 AM PDT every day.
NPC Star Card Reward
Heba Star Card of Production Selection Box x1 (Expires in 14 Days)
Ruelle Star Card of Power x1 (Expires in 14 Days)
Shamir Star Card of Training x1 (Expires in 14 Days)
Skath Star Card of Erg x1 (Expires in 14 Days)
Marta Star Card of Echostones x1 (Expires in 14 Days)
Niate Star Card of Spirit x1 (Expires in 14 Days)

[Daily Quest] Claim victory in a mini-game

  • Talk to Neo to play the Guess the Gesture or Dice Battle mini-game.
    • Dice Battle will be available after the 3rd week of the event: March 30th, after maintenance.
    • You can play either mini-game, but you can only win one mini-game each day.

Guess the Gesture

  • Enter a mission with Neo and start the game.
  • Neo will perform different gestures.
  • Guess five gestures correctly in a row to win!
  • You can only win this mini-game once each day.

Dice Battle

  • Battle against Neo with dice!
  • Each player will start with 100 HP.
  • Roll the dice to deal damage to the other player.
  • If Neo’s HP reaches 0, you win!
  • You can only win this mini-game once each day.

[Daily Quest Task] Enter the Stage of Trials

Talk to Neo to enter the Stage of Trials mini-game. The Stage of Trials is a one room dungeon with 15 waves of enemies. You can enter the Stage of Trials up to 3 times each day. (resets daily at 7:00 AM PDT.)

  • Note: You cannot enter the Trials if you have Remote Coupons, or summoning dolls (Tiger Rag Doll, Marshal Cat Claw, etc.) in the inventory. Please deposit them in the bank or pet inventory to continue.
    • If Neo bars you entry, but using the Inventory Search function to search for “Remote” does not locate any remote tickets, check your Master Plan Inventory. Since the master plan is not currently active, the contents of your Master Plan Inventory are grayed out and the Inventory Search function will not locate anything in that inventory.

Depending on how many rounds you clear, you can earn Combat EXP, Exploration EXP, Music Renown EXP, or Life Renown EXP.

Two modes are available:

Stage of Trials Stage of Trials
(Veteran Mode)

You cannot revive.
You cannot bring a party or summon pets.

All restrictions of Stage of Trials.
You cannot use potions.
You cannot use Anchor Rush or Tumble.
EXP reward is quadrupled.

  • Talk to Neo and choose Change Reward Type to select your preferred EXP type.

If you fail a round, you will be automatically revived and healed.

Clear at least one round in the Stage of Trials to receive the 1st title:

  • who is Just Getting Started (Luck +18)

Clear all rounds in the Stage of Trials (any mode) to receive the 2nd title:

  • Stage of Trials Champion (Max Damage +18, Magic Attack +18)

Stage of Trials Details

  • Unlike previous years, the Master Lich does not Summon Ghasts. Similarily, Spiders are absent from the roster.
  • Unlike previous years, no titles are given for beating rounds 2 to 13.
  • Certain Skills seem to be made weaker regardless of version, such as Meteor Strike.

Tiny Starbrite Event Shop