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<b>Note:</b> The image on the Sketch Paper will appear at the angle your character faces a monster or artifact. For a quest, it wont matter at what angle the sketch is made.
<b>Note:</b> The image on the Sketch Paper will appear at the angle your character faces a monster or artifact. For a quest, it wont matter at what angle the sketch is made.
<b>Trivia:</b> For [[Generation 8]], the player must Sketch the NPC [[Kelpie]]. This is the only known time that Sketch may be used on a NPC.

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Specific animations/motions that your character can perform, usually indicating emotion, are called Gestures; see page for more info.

Actions are similar to skills. However, they do not advance or gain experience. The Action skills all have a green background. To see or use them press N on your keyboard.


Play Dead

Play Dead in use.
  • The user will fly backwards onto the ground. Enemies will continue to target the player, but most will choose not to attack.
  • Can be used immediately without flying animation after being knocked down
    • The monster can still attack if its AI allows it to do so. This becomes more likely if it possesses AoE attacks.
      • Kitty Knights are one of the few that can attack a faker without the use of an AoE.
    • It takes some time for the monster to drop aggro once the player is playing dead. About a minute or so.
  • The player is still fully open to any type of attack from enemies (including players and monsters).
    • For example, if the enemy is very close and is attacking normally and you manage to use the play dead skill, during the flying animation you will get hit (this means you timed it wrong). They will/can hit you if/when you are in midair.
    • This will occur more often when the enemy uses an area attack such as Windmill or Stomp but it can apply to any other attack.
    • Splash damage can still hit. Be careful if your party doesn't like spreading out.
    • Lightning Bolt grouping is also applied to this since it hits multiple targets. Dark Rat Men usually possess this function.
    • Note that Giants (That includes Guards) cannot knock out a faker with Stomp. They are the only things that cannot do so.
    • Players can notice your HP or their ability to (Ctrl) target you in Play Dead and still attack (unless they're fooling around).
      • Player's Pets cannot attack someone faking their death. However the Master can command it to still target the player.
  • It takes about three seconds to 'get up' from Play Dead.
    • If you try to get up while being targeted, the monster may attack you.
    • You may safely get up when the monster is not using an offensive attack.
  • You may summon pets while Playing Dead.
  • Elves automatically start with this action. Humans will learn it from a quest given by Tracy to visit him as soon as character creation (after meeting Nao). Giants cannot learn Play Dead.
  • Play Dead drains stamina during use, however the skill will not cancel after 0 stamina, similar to Counterattack.
  • The Action drains 1 stamina every 2 seconds.
  • Elves can make use of the Play Dead skill for 30 seconds, deactivate, and use Hide to drop aggro.
  • Doing this when a monster with Lightning Bolt is aggroing you, however, will not work. The monster will attack you before you have a chance to activate Hide.

Jam Session

  • Requires at least Musical Knowledge rank C, Playing Instrument rank C , and Novice Composing. Once these requirements are met, the player will receive a quest to see Nele.
  • By using this action, the player will prepare to use a musical instrument while in a music-based party.
  • When the party leader uses Playing Instrument, all players who have prepared Party Performance will begin playing songs at the same time. This allows multi-person compositions to be performed relatively in-sync (excluding individual playing failures).
  • Skill Description:

If you are aware of this action, then you may hold a Music Jam Band. When a fellow party member uses this action, then the party members will have their instruments and scores all set up, ready to play. When the leader of the party uses this action, that's when the playing begins. This action is only available to those with Rank C or above in Playing Instrument and Musical Knowledge.


  • When the player uses Playing Instrument skill, he or she will put a box out in front so that listening users can donate money.
  • Drag and drop money from inventory into the box to donate.
  • Learned upon equipping any instrument.

Even when there's no music/animation (e.g. because you entered a map after someone started playing), the donation box will still appear.


  • Using the Sketch Paper the player may make a sketch of a monster or artifact, and gain Exploration experience.
  • Sketch Paper is only available in Iria and can be bought from Alexina, Hagel or Krug.
  • It is not possible to sketch anything outside of Iria and only monsters and artifacts can be sketched inside Iria.
  • If the monster moves out of the location where the player started sketching then the attempt will fail.
  • A dead monster cannot be sketched.
  • Samhain increases the success rate.
  • You may not sketch the same monster twice.
    • However you can sketch another of the same type. You just cant sketch the same monster.
  • There is a minute-and-a-half cooldown time after a successful sketch.
  • Learned automatically upon completion of an Iria continent Beginner Quest.
  • Sketches act as a way point. For example, viewing the sketch of a monster will create a map marker on your minimap, showing you where you sketched the monster. The same applies to sketched artifacts. This can be useful for remembering where certain monsters spawn.
  • For a list of monster sketches go here.

Note: Some Sketches may be "odd". For example, if you sketch a Dragon (doesn't matter what), the Sketch Paper will be Blank, even though it was successful.

Note: The image on the Sketch Paper will appear at the angle your character faces a monster or artifact. For a quest, it wont matter at what angle the sketch is made.

Trivia: For Generation 8, the player must Sketch the NPC Kelpie. This is the only known time that Sketch may be used on a NPC.

L-Rod Exploration

  • Learned upon equipping L-Rods.
  • By equipping L-Rods, the player may search for hidden items and artifacts in Iria.
  • How close the player is to a discovery is indicated by two to four beeping sounds. Two beeps means the item/artifact is just barely in your area. Three beeps means you are getting closer. Four beeps means you are nearly right on top of it. Use the X key and then click anywhere around the character to try to find something in that direction.
    • Clicking at yourself in the four beep area will uncover the object.
    • If you hear the three beeps, then you can spam the Action.
      • Not recommended since it will drain Durability from the L-Rod.
  • If you do not have sound available to you, you may determine how close you are to a discovery by watching how intensely the L-Rods flash. The closer you are, the more intense the flash.
  • If successful, the player may find a relic or a treasure chest. Occasionally, finding the chest will spawn monsters, and one of the monsters has the key to the chest.
    • If the monsters aren't dispatched quickly enough, the chest may disappear. You must dispatch all of them in order to open the chest
    • Due to the ending of the Iria Chest Event, the Sculptures are extremely common. Enchants, Golds, and Potions are common. Equipments however, are extremely rare. Hooked Cutlass can be still found in chests. Though it is unconfirmed whether Tricolor Robe, and Glove of Extravaganza are no longer to be found in chests. Most likely, however they are not.
  • Finding anything will grant the player Exploration experience.
  • Samhain (Saturday) increases the detection range of the L-Rods.
    • This may make it harder for some players who are used to the normal shorter range, as it more possible for multiple targets to overlap.
    • It states that "The accuracy increases over time". However that is a typo. It just means that Samhain increases the detection range of the L-Rods for the day.

Land Maker

  • Learned upon equipping, and usable with, one of the following types of L-Rod;
    • Snowfield L-Rod (Giant only or Human only) - only used in snowfields and allows the player to create a hole in snow.
    • Cold Wind L-Rod (Elf only or Human only) - only used in deserts and allows the player to create a hole in desert sand.
    • Warm Wind L-Rod (Elf only or Human only) - only used in deserts and allows the player to create a mound by stacking desert sand.
  • All these type of L-Rods can also use the L-Rod Exploration Action.
  • When using Snowfield L-Rod and Cold Wind L-Rod with the Land Maker Action;
    • items, artifacts, and burrowing creatures can be found for exploration experience,
    • in most cases you need only to dig, that is, you usually do not have to use the L-Rod Exploration Action to find something.
  • At the moment there is no real point using a Warm Wind L-Rod with the Land Maker Action. At present creating mounds of desert sand is a fairly useless exercise.
  • The Snowfield L-Rod is for giants only and Krug will modify it to a Human only version for Giant-allied Humans (who have an Exploration level at 5 or above).
  • The Cold Wind L-Rod and Warm Wind L-Rod are for Elves only and Hagel will modify them to Human only versions for Elf-allied Humans (who have an Exploration level at 5 or above).


File:Mabinogi 2009 03 01 025.jpg
An Elf using hide, controller/party member's view.
  • Elf-specific. Learned after character creation.
  • Allows the player to disappear from monster and player view (except people in own party and PvP modes).
  • The monster will immediately stop targeting and drop any aggro/attacks/skills to the hidden player.
  • If another party member provokes a monster, the Hider can be hit by AoE attacks or Splash Damage.
  • Cannot be used in the midst of battle. The player must not have been fighting for 30 seconds in order to activate it.
  • Drains the player's mana points slowly.
    • Uses around 5 mana when first starting the skill, then slowly drains it.
  • Can be used right after canceling Play Dead.
  • Useful to use during a battle (Play dead for 30 seconds, then hide, and attack/revive your party members)
  • However, it is not advised to deactivate Play Dead once 30 seconds have passed, but to wait a few seconds longer before doing so.

Rock Throwing

  • Quest is automatically obtained right after character creation, which requires you to bring Sion a piece/Slice of Cake. Jennifer sells them as "Gift" items for 100 Gold.
  • The player can pick up a stone and throw it at objects and monsters.
    • It doesn't matter where you get the stone. Its picked on anywhere you're standing.
  • Range is 1200 (equal to a basic magic bolt).
  • This is considered a Magic attack and will activate any Mana Reflector available. Classified as a Magic attack, it will never miss.
  • Will not hurt anything. Used for luring and hitting objects.
    • Will kill when used against monsters and players who are in Deadly status.
  • Note: Finishing a monster with Throw Stone will not count the kill on PQs.
  • You cannot use the (Ctrl) Auto-Target system.
  • Can be used to hit switches from afar in dungeons.
  • Uses 2 Stamina per load.
  • Load time is 1.0 second.
  • Throw animation lasts 1.5 seconds, and you may not load any skills before this including using a normal attack.
  • There is no delay if you load Rock Throwing after other skills.
  • This Action can be replaced with Ice Counter. The Battle Tactic is called Stone Counter. This works best on very slow monsters.
    • Be careful, this action does not stun the monster. The hit effect will be similar to hitting Passive Defense and will reset the enemies animation (and any basic melee skills and ranged attacks) and cause it to attack you with a normal attack.
  • Note: Rock Throwing WILL massively burn Durability on Shields, Armor, Clothing, Hats, Gloves, and Shoes if you are hit by it!
  • Note: There seems to be a bug with the skill. Whenever the player throws a rock at another player, they may teleport right next to him/her.
    • This is probably due to animation delay on the client side only. The server does not stop previous set movement during animation and thus will register the position previously set after the animation.
  • Giants cannot learn Rock Throwing

Dice Tossing

  • The player must equip Dice first.
  • The player takes out a 6 sided die.
  • Click the ground to roll it.
  • The dice will display 1-6 dots randomly.
  • The 1 dot is a Celtic Knot.
  • This action was taken out of KR Mabinogi due to gambling concerns.

Throw Paper Airplane

  • Using a piece of Paper from any General Store, the player may throw a paper airplane.
  • The distance will be visibly marked so that all players nearby can see.
  • Learned after completing Paper Airplane quest in which Alissa at Tir Chonaill asks for a piece of paper.
    • You get this quest by gaining a level.
      • To receive the quest, you must be in a place where an owl can reach you.
    • All three races can use the skill- some accounts need multiple levels gained in order to get the quest, some don't. It's random.

Action-type Skills

  • These are skills with a green background on the All skills list, and not in the Action list.
  • Like Actions, these skills do not gain experience.

Cookie Wand

  • This skill is automatically obtained when the Cookie Wand Event is in progress.
  • This skill is temporary and will not exist after event.

Future Content

Future content.png This article includes content that is unreleased in North America.
This content may or may not come in the future. This article is likely based on overseas version(s) of Mabinogi.

Adniel's Hornpipe


  • Farming is highly complex and has its own page. If you seek information on said system go to Farming.