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Advancement Test Hall

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The Advancement Hall on the map.
The Advancement Test Hall's exam rooms are octagon shaped.

The Advancement Test Hall is an academy located in northern Emain Macha, surrounded by numerous evergreen trees.


  • Players who have rank 1 in particular skills can take a difficult test to qualify for an upper title rank that states you are skilled enough to pass a test on a certain level.

The following skills may be tested:

Combat Combat Mastery, Counter, Defense, Smash, Windmill, Assault Slash, Lance Charge,

Ranged Attack, Magnum Shot, Crash Shot

Magic Firebolt, Icebolt, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Ice Spear, Thunder, Lightning Rod, Healing
Life Tailoring, Blacksmithing, Potion Making, Hillwen Engineering, Magic Craft
Alchemy Water Cannon, Sand Burst, Flame Burst
Martial Arts Charging Strike, Spinning Uppercut, Pummel
Puppetry Act 4: Rising Action, Act 6: Crisis
Dual Guns Flash Launcher, Shooting Rush
Ninja Shuriken Charge, Kunai Storm
  • Dan ranks require AP, do not give bonus stats, but improves each skill in some way.
  • You will receive prefix titles for having Dan ranks.
    • The prefix titles boost the positive effects of master titles.


  • The skill you are trying to advance must be Rank 1 in order to take the Advancement Test. You do not need to master the skill to take the test, however you do need to train the skill to at least 100 points.
    • All skill training will be reset for a particular skill after each rank above rank 1.
      • This means you must retrain a skill to at least 100 points between every rank past 1.
  • Speak to the Advancement Guide, inside the Advancement Test Hall, to apply for a particular skill's test.
  • When you Log on a character with a Rank 1 Skill during the time when the Advancement Arena is open, you will receive a quest from the Advancement Arena Helper NPC.
    • The Advancement Arena Helper asks for an item(s), upon completion you will receive an Advanced Arena Application Discount Coupon, which allows you to take 1 Advancement Arena Test for 50% off.
    • You do not need to do this quest in order to take the test.
    • If you have already completed this quest, you may receive and complete it again for another discount.
      • However, coupon discounts do not stack. If you have multiple coupons in your inventory, only 1 is taken when you apply.
Advancement Test Helper's Request
How to Get Quest

Be eligible for a test and log on during the test period

Briefing This is the Advancement Test Helper. We're about to hold an advancement test, and I was wondering if you would come and take the test. If you are, I'd like to ask you a favor: could you bring me 1 Bottled Water? We run out of drinking water in the test hall. [Alternately: If you are, I'd like to ask you a favor: I've run out of paper. Would you bring me 100 Papers from a general shop?] Please come in a timely manner before the test begins. -Advancement Test Helper

The Dates and Location of Advancement Tests

  1. The Advancement Test Hall is located northwest from the Emain Macha Castle.
  2. The Advancement Test Hall is available only in channel 7.
  3. Advancement Test are held on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each month.
  4. The Advancement Test begins at 5pm and ends at 9pm in real time (Pacific).
  • Deliver 1 bottled Water to Advancement Test Helper.
    • Alternate requests:
      • Deliver 10 large nails to Advancement Test Helper.
      • Deliver 10 Low-Priced Fabrics (cheap fabrics) to Advancement Test Helper.
      • Deliver 100 Pieces of Paper to Advancement Test Helper.
  • 5000 Experience Points
  • Advancement Test Discount Coupon
Additional Information

There is a well a short distance east of the northern gate of Emain Macha. Galvin at the Observatory sells bottles and paper.

Applying for an Advancement Exam

  • Exams are available at the Advancement Arena every day at any time.
  • To begin an Advancement Exam, speak to the Advancement Guide and choose the skill you wish to advance.
  • To pass the exam, you use the skill being tested to score points.
  • You may only pass one exam per day.

Taking the Advancement Exam

  • After applying, you will be transferred into the examination room.
    • You will role-play as your own character with an Advancement Outfit of your Dan Rank, modified weapons and tools.
    • You will also retain your own character's skills and their rank during the exam.
    • Your stats inside the exam will be modified.
  • The following are also unavailable during the exam:
    • Titles
    • Potion Poisoning
    • Bonuses from Foods
      • However this only applies to short-term food effects and not long-term temporary stat gain.
    • Transformation Skills (Paladin/Dark Knight, Falcon, Beast)
    • Escape Bombs
  • The enemies in the exam may drop potions.
  • When you exit the examination room, your experience points, skill proficiencies, hot keys, and titles will be restored to their former values.


  • If you die during a combat-related Skill Advancement Exam, you lose 100 points. After 10 seconds, you will automatically be revived with Full Recovery.
  • When doing the Combat Mastery Advancement Exam, normal attacks and any melee attacks give points, using Defense also provides points.
    • When taking the exam for Combat Mastery, note that it's a good idea to use Windmill because it will help gain more points in 1 attack
  • When doing Ranged Attack Advancement Exam, only damage hit by using a normal range attack will count as score points. Magnum Shot, Arrow Revolver, Mirage Missile will not count as score points.
  • When doing Water Cannon Advancement Exam, half the damage of your highest Water Cannon hit will be added to your score as bonus points at the end.
  • Important: When doing an exam involving combat, you are assigned specific skills. They keep the ranks that your character has before going in, however. Due to this ranking skills related to your test to 1 (or the cap) will give you an extra edge in the test.
  • When you go into an exam relating to life skills, there will be an Examining NPC in the middle of the room.
    • The Examiner will have an equipment worn besides the Advancement Suit on its Body, Hand, and Foot. Your task is to make the same item that they are wearing. You can only know what it is by looking at the Examiner NPC.
    • The needed materials to make the equipment can be obtained by pressing [Trade] with the NPC. The Gold needed to buy the materials will be given to you at the starting of the exam. However, the amount of gold is limited and you will not be able to obtain more gold than what you are already given, so beware that you do not buy any unnecessary materials.
      • You can make multiple items of the same equipment and choose the one with the best quality to be given for examining.
    • You will be graded on the Quality and time it took you to make the item.
    • Talk to the Examiner NPC to hand in the equipment for examination.
      • If you give the Examiner NPC a totally different item from what you were required to make, the Examiner will not take the item.

Passing the Advancement Exam

  • In order to pass the exam, the player must score A-rank or higher. Higher Dan ranks may require a better score than A.
    • The scores required to meet a certain rank differ for each Dan and are listed below.
Rank A S SS
Dan 1 6000 8000 10000
Dan 2 7000 9000 11000
Dan 3 8000 10000 12000
Rank A S SS
Dan 1 1 1 1
Dan 2 1 2 3
Dan 3 3 4 5

Ability Point Usage

Dan Level Training Requirement AP Used
Rank 1 → 1st Dan Pass an exam +100.00 (1/1)

Participate in the graduating ceremony +1.00 (1/1)

1st Dan → 2nd Dan Pass an exam + 25.00 (2/2)

Score an S rank or above in an exam +25.00 (2/2)
Participate in the graduating ceremony +1.00 (1/1)

2nd Dan → 3rd Dan Pass an exam + 12.50 (2/2)

Score an S rank or above in an exam + 12.50 (2/2)
Score an SS rank or above in an exam +25.00 (2/2)
Participate in the graduating ceremony +1.00 (1/1)



  • A Dan title is a prefix that may be amended to a corresponding Master Title.
  • It is possible to obtain a Dan title before the corresponding Master Title, but it may not be worn without wearing the Master Title.
    • Prefix Titles are chosen from a secondary Title list in the Title selection menu.
Dan Level Combat Magic Life Alchemy Martial Arts Puppetry Dual Guns Ninja
1st Dan The Stormborne With Wisdom Known Far and Wide With a Hunch Killer of 2 in a Single Shot Puppet Whisperer Completionist Fleet-footed

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Advancement Guide.png
Advancement Guide
Advancement Test Coordinator Advancement Test Hall