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|RewardOther=*1 [[Adventurer Seal]]
|RewardOther=*1 [[Adventurer Seal]]
*1 [[Golden Experience Fruit]]
*1 [[Golden Experience Fruit]]
|Info=[[Partner]] gathering does not count towards the requirements. The items must all be self collected

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Inventory icon of Adventurer Seal

1 × 1
Stack: 10,000

Collect seals to purchase special items. (Not tradable)


Cannot be stored in special inventory.
Cannot be stored on pets.
Cannot be traded.
Expires in 60 real-life days.
Can be traded through bank tabs among characters.

Used In

Method to Obtain

You can obtain up to a maximum of 31 seals per day (32 if you have Peaca dungeon daily).

Daily Quests from the following locations will reward Adventurer Seals:

Where Reset (PST) Who Objective
Login 7AM Daily Quest Gather an Item 50 Times
The Saga: Iria 7AM Daily Quest Reward from Saga EP Box
Dunbarton 7AM Eavan Daily Dungeon
Commerce Post 7AM Goblin Trade Helper
Shyllien Nature Reserve 7AM Weiss Make Magic Craft Items
Shyllien Nature Reserve 7AM Ecologist Defeat Monsters
Hillwen Mine 7AM Hector Make Engineering Items
Hillwen Mine 7AM Excavation Expert Defeat Monsters
Emain Macha 7AM Gordon Cook Food
Emain Macha 12AM Macaulay Make items through Handicraft
Port Cobh 12AM Manolin Deliver a Striped Marlin
Port Cobh 12AM Madoc Deliver 5 Large Nails
Qilla Base Camp 7AM Alexina Discover 10 Ruins
Rano (Temple Ruins) 7AM Angelina Deliver Explorer's Supply Box to a random "Archaeological Exploration Party" member.
Rano (Temple Ruins) 7AM Dr. Lambert Obtain reports from Alexina and Belita and a book from Arzhela, then deliver these items to Dr. Lambert
Physis (Unfrozen lake) 7AM Spy Red Deliver 5 White Herbs
Physis 7AM White Dragon Raid Participate in the White Dragon Raid
Connous (Outside Metus) 7AM Intelligence Agent Defeat 20 Wandering Prison Ghosts
Connous 7AM Black Dragon Raid Participate in the Black Dragon Raid
Courcle (Rafting) 7AM Native Obtain 30 Stars from Rafting
Zardine (Calida Camp) 7AM Belita Obtain 30 Stars from Hot-Air Ballooning
Belvast 7AM Hiko Deliver a Tomato Basil Salad
Belvast ?AM Kinu Defeat a Bandit Boss Ogre
Belvast ?AM Hicca's Mom Deliver Hicca's Note
Belvast 12AM Laffe Deliver a Vegetable Canape
Belvast 7AM Monatte Deliver an Admiral Owen's Box
Tailteann 7AM Daily Shadow Mission Complete the Daily Shadow Mission
Tara 7AM Daily Shadow Mission Complete the Daily Shadow Mission
Tara 12AM Lileas Clearing the Bet With Lileas Quest
Tara 7AM Lord Mission One of three Lord Missions
Avon 7AM Erinn Martial Arts Competition Clear the Final Round