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Alby Dungeon

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File:Alby small.jpg
Alby Dungeon.

Alby Dungeon is a subterranean maze located in northern Tir Chonaill. It is the least challenging dungeon in Erinn, and is suitable for beginners. It is recommended that a novice learn the basics of dungeon playing here. Because enchant scrolls are commonly found in the reward chest, Alby Dungeon is regularly visited by enchant trainers.


(Alby Beginner Pass from Trefor)
1 Floor - All Rooms Visible


Gold(118~158), Hp 10 Potion, Stamina 10 Potion


(Drop any item)
1 Floor - All Rooms Visible


Gold (132~634), Mana Herb, Magic Powder, Enchant Scroll(Fine, Good, Swan Summoner's), White Spider's Fomor Scroll, Red Spider's Fomor Scroll, Alby Basic Fomor Pass, Wooden Blade(Rare Color: Black)


(Alby Basic Fomor Pass dropped by:Alby Basic/Normal Reward Chest, Blue Wolf, White Spider, Giant Spider, Black Spider, Red Spider)
2 Floors - All Room Not Visible


Gold, Mana Herb, Magic Powder, Silver Magic String, Alby Basic Fomor Pass, Dagger(Enchanted with: Hard, Simple, Scrupulous, or Yellow Scar


(Alby Intermediate Fomor Pass dropped by: Alby Normal Reward Chest (for 4), Giant Spider, Ogre Warrior, Werewolf (for 2))


Gold, Mana Herb, HP 50 Potion, MP 50 Potion, Stamina 50 Potion, (Splendid) Popo's Skirt, (Artless) Lute

(Alby Intermediate for Two)


(Curing) Wooden Stick, (Maltreat) Rolling Pin

(Alby Intermediate for Four)


(Hope) Short bow, stanima 50 potions, magic powder, 4000-5000g


Rescue Resident

(Trefor's Pass)

Malcolm's Ring

(Malcolm's Pass)

Battle Arena

(Alby Battle Arena Coin from Ranald)