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For the game server, see Alexina Game Server.
Portrait of AlexinaFile:Alexina.png
Race Human
Gender Female
Occupation Expedition Leader in Rano
Location Qilla Base Camp

Track Chest of Dreams
Our exploration is not done as of yet. It's just the beginning you know.




Between her toned shoulders are slender yet trim muscles and her naturally flowing hair falls softly over her collar bone. Her sparkling eyes are reminiscent of a wild animal and she is always gazing far away across the horizon as if taking in the grand prairies of Iria.

Alexina is the head explorer in Qilla Base Camp. She sells L-Rods and Sketch Paper, both of which are essential tools to Exploration.



Mainstream Story





Alexina has authored a book:


  • ?


Track Title
Chest of Dreams
Speaking to Alexina


  • Ffion shares a similar appearance than her. It is unknown if they are related.
  • Previously, Alexina had a red eye color. This was erroneously changed to an emerald eye color with the 2021 Beauty Update.


  • "If you have a dream, you're sure to see a future."
  • "Hmmm... I've never seen such artifacts before."
  • "I think I should do some tuning on my excavation tools."
  • "Oh no! I forgot to eat and take my medicine."
  • "I feel a bit sore form not working out for a few days."
  • "I can't give up like this, though. The adventures will continue."