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For a list of foods that displays weight gain or loss, click here.
For the Zardine Hot Springs, some of which help gain or lose weight, go here.

The appearance of a character depends on your regular diet. Generally, the more often you eat food the more corpulent in appearance you will be. Although you are apparently gaining or losing mass, it does not affect anything such as your speed, skills, or your ability to wear clothes.


Basic Information

The upper strength, lower strength, and body size/weight in the game directly affect only your appearance. There are upper and lower limits to how big you can get.
These food effects take place on the next Tick.

  • There are 3 areas in where you can lose or gain weight.
    • Upper (muscles) determine how wide your upper arms are and how much your chest sticks out.
    • Lower (muscles) determine how wide your upper legs (thighs) are.
    • Body (size) or Weight determines how wide your lower legs and lower arms are.

It is possible to gain the maximum upper and lower muscles without gaining weight. At maximum strengths, on a female, the breasts will protrude past the navel by about the same width as the lower arm. At maximum lower strength and minimum upper strength, the navel will protrude the same distance as the breasts, and the legs will be 66% larger.

Note that each clothing and armor in the game is a different character model. There are defects in some clothing items (see Arish Ashuvain Armor (F)) that show up if you max out your weight. In particular, Premium Newbie Wear (F) does not show the same kind of weight gain that a Becky Witch Dress or Nakuru Dragon Pattern Magician Robe (F).

  • To undo these effects, you must eat foods that reduce weight or Rebirth.
    • Rebirth sets your Weight scales to 1.0 Weight, 1.0 Upper, 1.0 Lower.
    • The lowest you can go is 0.70 Weight 0.70 Upper 0.70 Lower each from food, otherwise the lowest is 1.0 each from the Hot Springs.
  • As of the latest G8 update, the Hot Springs can increase or decrease your weight or your Upper muscles. They do not change Lower.
    • The rate is approximately 0.015/minute. The lowest possible being 1.0 and the highest being 1.8. So if you spend 54 real minutes in the 4 springs that change your weights, you will hit the highest or lowest and have no further benefit.
    • Hot Springs will not lower your body weights below 1.0, no matter how long you sit in it. Only food can.
  • Contrary to what is explained in Nexon's guides, weight has no bearing on the character's stats. It is the food eaten that affects the stats. As such, it is very possible for a fat archer to have well over 200 dex, and a thin warrior to have 300+ HP from eating food. Appearance is purely cosmetic.
  • Warning!!! Consuming food when your Hunger is full will result in weight gain, regardless of whether or not the food normally causes weight loss. Stats from food will never change if full.
  • Transforming will not be affected by the characters weight, and will not reset their weight despite resetting hunger.

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