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Baltane Missions

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For the missions your can send your squires on, see Special Unit Missions.
For a full guide, see Guide:Baltane Missions.


  • Baltane Missions are a type of Shadow Mission you can take from Shuan in Avalon Gate.
    • Every Baltane Mission is solo-only.
    • All missions require your current level to be 60 and your cumulative level to be 500 or higher in order to enter.
  • Baltane missions only give Experience from enemy kills within a certain level range.
    • Normal difficulty caps you at level 100, while Elite caps you at level 150 (you will not gain EXP at or past that level).
    • You must be level 60 or above to get EXP, if you somehow get in below 60 or reduce yourself in the mission, you stop gaining EXP!
      • It is possible to raise your level to 60 in a mission with items, at which point EXP gain will resume.
        • Example: Enter mission at lv60, raise to 150, use forgetful potion, use exp fruit to lv60, continue fighting until lv150 again.
  • Enemies that spawn in Baltane missions will have Combat Power greater than or equal to your character's.
    • This does not apply if you put on and then take off -CP gear, due to a bug.
    • Each mission can be only done once per Erinn day which resets at 6:00 AM.


Name Endless Reward Squire Stats Boosted EXP
Avalon Bridge No Boxes No No
Nowhere to Run Yes - No Yes
Knights of the Round Table No Boxes No No
Gatekeeper Yes - No Yes
Counterattack No Chest Yes No
Siege Weapon No Chest Yes No
  • "Endless" is whether the mission completes after a set objective, or if the mission continues for the full 30 minutes.
  • "Reward" is whether the mission has a completion reward, and if so which type of reward it gives.
    • Boxes are earned based on your performance in the mission, the quality and type vary, each box contains one item.
    • Chest means a chest will spawn at your feet upon completion and it always drops gold and multiple items.
  • "Squire Stats" indicates whether the stats of your Squires increase their combat capability.
  • "Boosted EXP" indicates if the enemies in that mission grant much higher Experience than normal.