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Depositing gold

Go to the bank, open your account, click Deposit. On the pop-up there is a tiny box where you can set the amount of gold to deposit. There will be depositing fees, however, which are stated in the box. The fees will not be deposited into the bank and is instead taken away from you. The more gold you have in the bank, the higher the fees rate.

The maximum fees rate is 10% of the depositing amount.

The fees charged is calculated by multiplying the depositing amount by the fees rate (in percentage). Example: If a player deposits 50,000 gold with a fees rate of 10%, only 45,000 gold will enter the bank; the other 5000 is paid as fees.

Depositing a check

There are no fees involved with depositing a check. Thus, the player will get the full amount stated on the check when deposited.

Taking out a check

Go to the bank, open your account, click Withdrawal. On the pop-up there is a tiny box you can check next to Issue a Check. Click that if you want to send a lump sum of money to an individual in the game or a guild (at the guild marker). Note, if you send checks by mail there will be a mail fee of at least 50 gold. The minumum size check you can issue is 10,000g and checks can only be written in 10,000g increments.

The processing fee is 5% of the amount the check is written for.

For example:

If you take out a 10,000g check, the process fee is 500g

If you take out 100,000g check, the process fee is 5000g.

Direct Bank Transaction

When an item is bought for at least 50,000 gold from a NPC or another player, or is sold for at least 50,000 to a NPC, the player will be given an option to engage in direct bank transaction. The following scenarios apply when engaging in direct bank transaction: If the item is being bought, the bank fees will be similar to taking out a check. Example: Buying an item that costs 50,000 gold will use 52,500 gold; 50,000 goes into purchasing the item, 2,500 as bank fees. If the item is being sold, the bank fees will be similar to depositing gold. Example: Selling an item that costs 50,000 gold to an NPC, assuming the fees rate is 10%, 45,000 gold will go into the player's bank, 5,000 gold is lost as fees.


On a Wednesday, the bank transaction fees drop by 25%. Eg. 10% fees rate will drop to 7.5%.