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Bard Destiny Event

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July 26th, 2012 ~ August 17th, 2012


  • When starting a new character or rebirthing to Bard Destiny, you will receive a Battle Mandolin upon rebirth, regardless of the type of rebirth.
  • You can only receive one Battle Mandolin per character.
  • The "Taming the Instrument" quest is given each day at
    7:00am PST
    upon logging in.
    • You may also receive this quest by changing channels after
      7:00am PST
    • If you press the quest complete button after
      7:00am PST
      the next day, you will not get the quest for that day even if you log back in.


Taming the Instrument
How to Get Quest Log in every day at
7:00am PST
during the Bard Destiny Event.
Briefing You have a lot to learn. Practice your music for 7 days, then come see me and we'll see where you stand. - Yvona -