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Portrait of Bhatair
Race Giant
Gender Male
Occupation Expeditionary Force
Location Various
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(After G25)


The boy's childlike face is full of confidence. His dark blue eyebrows nearly touch the striking tattoo near his eye. The tip of his nose is slightly red, giving him a curious, adventurous appearance.

Mainstream Story


  • The name Bhátair (pronounced /wɑːtɛr/ or /vɑːtɛr/) is a Gaelic version of Walter.
    • His name means powerful warrior.
  • While his age is never stated, it is repeatedly implied Bhatair is in his early teens.
  • He and Zeder are close friends.
  • Bhatair struggles to pronounce Uladh town names.
    • "It was called, uh...Eme...muha...something like that."
    • "Sometimes I make the trip to Ta...Tal...teann? You know, the place where Princess Karpfen is."
  • He claims to be able to play the Tuba.