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{{:Clothing List (Female)}}
*See [[Clothing List (Female)]] and [[Clothing List (Male)]] for clothing comparisons.
*See the [[Magical Clothing List]] for clothing with [[Passive Defense]] properties.
*See the [[Newbie Wear List]] for clothing obtained from Character Cards.
*See the [[Unisex Clothing List]] for clothing that can be worn by both genders.
For clothes that aren't implemented yet, go to [[:Category:Future Clothes]].
*Clothing can be worn on the body.  Clothes tend to cost less in the store than [[Light Armors]] and [[Heavy Armors]].  Their repairs are also considerably cheaper.
*All clothes offer 2 Defense and zero Protection.  A set of [[Tailoring|tailored]] clothes may have more defense, protection, and durability than the store-bought version.
**The [[Long Matte Leather Coat]] is the only exception.  It provides 1 Protection.
*Like [[Newbie Wears]], they have a maximum of 3 [[Clothes_Upgrades|upgrades]].
*You may wear two [[accessories]] with clothing, unlike the heavier armors.
*[[Nora]], [[Simon]],<!-- [[Lepus]],--> [[Ailionoa]], and [[Effie]] can repair normal clothes. Clothes with special properties (magic shield) can only be repaired by [[Fleta]].
*[[Elf|Elves]] can wear all these clothes.  Humans can wear all except the ones designated [[Elf]]-only.
*[[Giants]] cannot wear most of these clothes.
*See also [[Clothing List (Female)]] and [[Clothing List (Male)]] for quick clothing comparisons.

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For clothes that aren't implemented yet, go to Category:Future Clothes.


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