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Category talk:Enchants

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Revision as of 11:31, 25 March 2009 by Wolfen198 (talk | contribs)
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Random Request:

Can we call the the end chest "Reward" and treasure chest just "Chest" where the enchants are found, it is sort of better then let say ably chest and ably treasure chest it kind of the same and confusing...

Attempt to Disambiguate the level wording

Can we distinguish between "Above Level x" and "Level x+". Could we replace "Level x+" with "Level x or above" because "Level x+" means the effects will work on level x, and "Above Level x" means they won't apply if you were level x and i would like to make that distinction clear.

  • Although the game says 'rank over B' or 'level above 15' or whatever, it's usually inclusive of that rank/level, not excluding it (even though you're right, it's gramatically wrong to write it that way ...). Or at least, I think it's like that. I haven't got my combat mastery to B yet to see if Giant's effects apply at B when it says 'over rank B'. Maybe someone else knows for sure? --- Angevon
    • My combat mastery is at rank B and i get the effects on giant enchants, i've yet to encounter an enchant that isn't inclusive of the level, and i think some of the enchants' level descriptions are quite confusing; just wanted to make it clear.
If that is the case (and in my experience so far it has been) then we should re-write our descriptions to be less confusing. There's no reason for us to copy Nexon's mistakes.
For example
Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Healer All Healing Above Rank B Will +5
Healing Above Rank B Max life +15
Enchant Above Rank C Stamina -20
Wooden Stick Young Poison Goblin
Poison Goblin
Fluted Short Sword Barri Basic Reward
Mongo's Wizard Hat Flying Sword
could be replaced by
Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Healer All Healing Rank B or Higher Will +5
Healing Rank B or Higher Max life +15
Enchant Rank C or Higher Stamina -20
Wooden Stick Young Poison Goblin
Poison Goblin
Fluted Short Sword Barri Basic Reward
Mongo's Wizard Hat Flying Sword
Scroll Name Enchantable Item Effect Item Dropped By
Healer All Healing Rank B+ Will +5
Healing Rank B+ Max life +15
Enchant Rank C+ Stamina -20
Wooden Stick Young Poison Goblin
Poison Goblin
Fluted Short Sword Barri Basic Reward
Mongo's Wizard Hat Flying Sword
The second option would probably be the better one since its easier/faster to implement and has the advantage of continuity. I'm not sure if I'm reiterating the point of the original poster or not, if so then I'm sorry.--Jacobpaige 05:40, 29 August 2008 (UTC)
Yes, I like the "Healing Rank B or Higher" version myself. --- Angevon 16:30, 29 August 2008 (UTC)
I changed Rank 6 and Rank 7 but honestly it looks a bit cluttered to me so I'd like someone else's opinion before I continue.--Jacobpaige 17:25, 29 August 2008 (UTC)
I like the clarity of the new version better. -- Ladywinter 08:49, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Discussion about Misuse of Category Tag

Does this really make sense as a category? It could really be consolidated down to a single article with each rank listed within, to be linked to with the format Rank B Enchants for example. -- Inoko

There is over 400 different type of enchants. Putting them all on the same page would make it really long. More and more enchants will be made every generation as well. Fifty 10:47, 26 April 2008 (PDT)
Understandable. But having a bunch of pages with names like "Rank D" inside a category that has absolutely no information isn't helping.
What I would propose is a main page "Enchants" (NOT A CATEGORY) with sub pages "Rank F/E/D/C/B/A/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 Enchants" with the current "Rank ..." listings on them. The main page would have some explanations and information, then each list of enchants would be there. Keep the Enchant Category and mark them all with it, but link to the main Enchant page from the left side: Linking to categories is bad form, and hard to read.--Inoko 10:54, 26 April 2008 (PDT)
Oh I get it now. I proposed something similiar for the skill page. I'm going to agree with this. Fifty 12:57, 27 April 2008 (PDT)

Question about Rank of Hamster Tamer

Found a Hamster Tamer item but the enchant isn't listed. What rank is it so I can add it? --- Angevon

I added Hamster Tamer a few days ago. It's a rank B prefix. Fifty 12:44, 27 April 2008 (PDT)
I may have meant Hamster Hunter. From a quick search, I don't see it listed. Know that rank for me? Angevon 16:03, 28 April 2008 (PDT)
Ok, Hamster Hunter is also a Rank B prefix. All equipment and "Max Damage Decrease 10~12" Fifty 18:58, 28 April 2008 (PDT)

Labeling Future Content Enchants

It's nice that we have a list of all the enchants that are yet to come, but the it makes it really hard to skim through the list to see which enchants you wanna put on your gear. Can we order the lists so the future content enchants come at the end, or otherwise label them (perhaps color their backgrounds red?) Ziv 15:02, 9 June 2008 (PDT)

Maybe we could put them in a 3rd section? Like Prefixes, Suffixes, Future Content. I'd prefer to actually separate them out from the existant enchants. --- Angevon 06:19, 10 June 2008 (PDT)
How do you all like how I set up Rank F? --- Angevon 08:38, 14 June 2008 (PDT)
Looks great, but are you sure all those unknown 50% scroll suffixes aren't implemented? Ziv 16:15, 14 June 2008 (PDT)
I haven't seen any of the 50% enchant scrolls since beta. I haven't been playing much though. If they've been implemented, just move them back. --- Angevon 17:06, 14 June 2008 (PDT)
I think 50% enchant scrolls are the ones Duncan gives you when you do the help the villager quest. They only go up to rank B or A. Fifty 17:40, 14 June 2008 (PDT)

Yellow Scar

It's listed as a reward for Alby Basic. After doing a search, it's not on any enchant page. So it needs to be added, I guess. I don't know the rank and effects, though. --- Angevon 18:47, 8 July 2008 (PDT)

Yellow Scar is a rank 5 prefix. That's weird, it's listed as a g3s2 enchant.

Second 02:01, 17 September 2008 (UTC)

Not just Yellow Scar, but Green Scar (rank 4), Red Scar (rank 3) and Black Scar (rank 2) enchants seem to be coming out of Alby now that we've got G3S2. There aren't that many enchants higher than rank 6. Would it be more prudent to put all the rank 2-5 enchants on one page, or make four separate ones? --Naiya 23:16, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Another Organization for Enchants (ie. by Type)

While I find the two navigations of enchants useful (being by Rank and Alphabetical), I propose a third navigation, because I find myself having to take a lot of notes while trying to figure out what to enchant. I would like to make a page of Enchants ordered by Type, ie. Max/Min Damage, Dex, Int, Str, etc.

There'll be some repeats because some enchants have more than one stat improvememt.

(since this is just a reorganization, how do I note the original author?)

For examples see here.)

I would have to fully agree that the Enchant section desperately needs to have an additional organization by type. Yes there would be repeats, however, it would make things so much easier, many times I've found my self searching for Dexterity decreasing enchants and having to click one rank, look over the page, then press the back button, then go to the next rank up. This is devistatingly tedious, everything else is fine. I would like to hear a few more opinions before pitching in trying to make the new organization however. --Wolfen198 11:30, 25 March 2009 (UTC)