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Ceo Island

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Ceo Island


The island where Golem was destroyed after being used against the Fomors in the Sen Mag war.

For reasons unknown, there have been many reports of recent Golem activity.[1]

Ceo Island is a remote islet southwest of Emain Macha. Ceo (pronounced /kjoʊ/) translates into fog or mist. After the Second Battle of Mag Tuireadh, Humans used Ceo Island as a massive landfill for Fire Golems.

A dense fog envelopes the island all year long, offering poor visibility for vessels that seek sail. Traveling to Ceo Island is, therefore, only enabled by the help of Moon Gates. A single goblin named Muro guards the entrance to the island. If you wish to leave Ceo Island when the Moon Gate is not open, Muro can return you to the last town you've visited.

There have been recent reports of a widespread Golem activity, for reasons yet unidentified. It has also been said that Sprites of Ice, Fire, and Lightning form a triangle at the south-easternmost point of the island.


Minimap Ceo Island.png

Local NPCs

NPC Occupation Location
Water Spirit Ceo Island
Guard Moon Gate


Field Boss