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Character Cards

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Character Cards

Basic card.gif Premium card.gif BasicElfCard card.gif PremiumElfCard card.gif BasicGiantCard card.gif PremiumGiantCard card.gif


With Character Cards, you can have multiple characters on your account or use them to 'Rebirth' one of your characters.[1]

Types of Cards

There are 3 types of Character Cards for each race, Basic, Premium, and Assistant, with the exceptions of humans, which only have two types, Basic and Premium. There is also a Free Character Card that is given to you for free when you first start playing Mabinogi. Pet Cards can also be purchased to create pets to accompany you during your adventures in Mabinogi.

  • A Free Character Card is given to you when you start playing Mabinogi for the first time.
    • Free Character Cards are allowed to use Premium options during Character Creation.
    • May not be used to rebirth.
  • Basic and Premium Character Cards can be purchased from the Premium Shop on the Mabinogi website.
    • Basic Character Cards cost 7,900 NX, regardless of race.
    • Basic Character Cards are only allowed to use basic character options (the one without a star mark) and receives basic clothing after character creation and rebirth.
    • Premium Character Cards cost 9,500 NX, regardless of race.
    • Premium Character Cards are allowed to use all character options (basic and premium) and receives premium character clothing according to their race and gender after character creation.
  • Assistant Character Cards are given to you the first time you create an alliance with another race as a human character.
    • Assistant Character Cards are only given once and cannot be re-obtained if the assistant character is deleted.
    • Assistant Character Cards can only create the race that the card specifies. Allying with elves will give you an Elf Assistant Character Card. Allying with Giants will give you a Giant Assistant Character Card.
  • Pet Cards will allow you to create pets to accompany you or to be played as.
    • Pet Cards' cost will vary depending on the pet.
    • Pet Cards will only allow you to create the specified pet on the card, depending which you purchased.
    • Pet Cards can also be used to rebirth pets. For more information, go here.