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Character Cards

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Future content.png This article is outdated.
This article is outdated and may contain contents that are missing or inaccurate.

Character Cards

Basic card.gif Premium card.gif BasicElfCard card.gif PremiumElfCard card.gif BasicGiantCard card.gif PremiumGiantCard card.gif


With Character Cards, you can have multiple characters on your account or use them to 'Rebirth' one of your characters.

Types of Cards

Character cards are used to create new characters or to activate a rebirth on an existing character.

Free Character Cards

  • A Free Character Card is given to you when you start playing Mabinogi for the first time.
    • This card may be used to obtain any race.
    • Characters made using this card may choose any appearance options, even those marked as Premium.
    • It cannot be used to rebirth.

Basic Character Cards

  • Basic Character Cards can be purchased from the Premium Shop on the Mabinogi website for 7,900 NX.
    • Basic Character Cards only allow for Basic appearance features in order to change appearance. Characters will receive basic clothing after character creation and rebirth.

Assistant Character Cards

  • Assistant Character Cards are given the first time a human character creates an alliance with another race.
    • Assistant Character Cards are only given once by that specific race and cannot be re-obtained, even if the assistant character is deleted.
    • Assistant Character Cards, like Basic Character Cards, can only be used to create a new character with Basic appearance features.
    • They cannot be used to rebirth.
    • Assistant Character Cards can only create the race that the card specifies. Allying with Elves will give you an Elf Assistant Character Card. Allying with Giants will give you a Giant Assistant Character Card.
    • You are allowed to obtain one card from each race by breaking the alliance with the first race, and then forming an alliance with the other race.
    • Breaking an alliance will not remove the assistant card nor a character made with one.

Pet Cards

  • Pet Cards will allow you to create and rebirth pets.
    • The cost will vary depending on the pet.
    • Pet Cards will only allow you to create the specified pet on the card.
    • Like characters, pets are bound to the server they are created on.
    • For more information on pet rebirth, click here.

Limited Edition Character Cards

  • Limited Edition Character Cards can be purchased from the Premium Shop on the Mabinogi website for 9,500 NX when they are on sale for a limited time.
    • They come with special, limited edition clothing and/or items on rebirth or creation.
    • These cards allow for Premium appearance changes on rebirth.

Memorial Destiny Character Cards

Future content.png The content in this section is no longer a feature of Mabinogi.
  • Memorial Destiny Character Cards can be purchased from the Premium Shop on the Mabinogi website for 24,900 NX.
    • These cards cannot be used to rebirth a character.
    • Each character made with a Memorial Character Card has about 100 AP worth of skills pre-applied to the character.
    • These characters will still start with a total level of one.
    • The character's look can be chosen and the character will receive a Premium Newbie Wear.
    • An additional 10 AP is given upon character creation.
    • All towns are visited in both Uladh and Iria.
    • The character will receive their own version of their beginner quests.
    • These characters do not receive Heart Stickers.
    • The character will start with the Destiny in the card's name.
      • There is currently no Bard, Fighter, or Merchant Destiny Cards.
    • The skills and equipment depend on the card that the user bought, as follows:


  • Prior to the release of the Beauty Shop, there were Premium Character Cards.
    • These cards were identical to Limited Edition Character Cards in every way, except you instead received a Premium Newbie Wear and could purchase them without waiting for an event.
    • These cards were the only method to obtain most appearance options at the time.