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Church of Lymilark

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Do you... belive in God?



Basic Information

The Church of Lymilark is a religious organization of worshipers of Lymilark, one of the three second tier gods of Erinn, the other two being Hymerark and Jeamiderark. It is the religious group with the biggest influence across the Aliech Kingdom, therefore have the most worshipers. Little is known about the other two religious organizations present in Uladh.

Lymilark is the God of Love, under the direct command of the creator of Erinn: Aton Cimeni. He is the creator of Erg, the life force energy in Erinn, which is the energy radiated from Palala and also the base of the fundamental power of Mana.


The Lymilark Church is well established in the Aliech Empire, with Church Houses in:


  • Some believe that the three second tier gods: Lymilark, Hymerark and Jeamiderark are a trinity that makes Aton Cimeni (similar to the Trinity belief).