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Classes and Training

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There are currently two NPCs that will allow a human character to train under them, for a price. The character will gain stats and/or skills in the process. The character may only train under the NPC once.

Each class, except for the last one, is a lecture. After each one, they will give you a minor EXP reward.

The final class will be an Assignment, where they will give you a quest. Reward is EXP and Stat boost, and sometimes a skill (only if the character has not learned it yet).

Ranald's Training

Ranald gives Basic Combat Classes. Note that Elves and Giants cannot take these classes. Upon completion of his classes, you will recieve a Stat boost, and a skill (if you don't know it yet).

Classes start at 7am.

Assignment #1

  • 3 classes
  • Assignment: Collect 10 Nails
    • You cannot get help during this assignment, as Teacher Ranald says it would be "Cheating".
  • REWARD: STR +1, 100 EXP

Assignment #2

  • 3 classes
  • Assignment: Defeat 5 White Spiders inside Alby Dungeon.
    • Although he will say to hunt them in Alby Dungeon, it is OK to hunt the ones in the Graveyard.
  • REWARD: STR +2, 100 EXP

Assignment #3

  • 5 classes
  • Assignment: clear Alby Dungeon
    • You can bring a party.
    • It is possible to use a Beginner Pass for this.
  • REWARD: STR +2, WILL +2, 100 EXP

Lassar's Training

As Lassar's classes are cheaper than buying the spellbook for the spells, and they reward INT, it is recommended that beginner magicians choose this method to attain their spells.

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3