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Classic Spirit Weapons

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Ego Incarnation in Action.

Spirit weapons (also knows as egos) were utilized by warriors to cast spirits upon a desirable weapon to awaken one's true strength back in ancient time of Erinn. With continuous and intense care of the user, a spirit weapon can grow up to a point where it can easily surpass the ability of upgraded or enchanted weapons. One must obtain a quest item by asking the spirit of the weapon in later portion of Generation 3 storyline. The spirit weapon quest can be activated at any time. Due to the Erinn Walker Patch, Generation 1-3 is now free, which means you can talk to your Spirit Weapon or Ego for free.


  • A spirit stone of the appropriate weapon type (e.g. male bow, female wand)
  • A 100(100%) proficiency weapon.
    • Weapon must not have any Upgrades.
    • Weapon has to be at least 80% of its original maximum durability.
    • Enchants or Blessings are OK but will be removed once converted into the Spirit.
  • 30 Elemental Removers(Non-test servers only)
  • Only one spirit weapon can be wielded per character. This applies to all races: Humans, Elves, and Giants.
    • Therefore: Do NOT have Eiry. Which means that you'll need at least level 26 for humans or finish all your beginner quests for elf/giant to have a spirit weapon(No rebirths taken in account).
  • The following weapons can become spirit weapons:
Swords Blunts Bows Wands

Durability Requirements

This shows how much durability max must be left to be egoable.

Max Original Durability: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Minimun Ego-able Durability 1 2 3 4 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 10 11 12 12 13 14 14

Obtaining a Spirit Weapon

1. Talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha with a 100 proficiency weapon equipped (max durability, upgrades, enchants, etc. do not matter to start the quest). You will receive a quest after you talk about Private Story. If the weapon with 100 proficiency is a sword (dagger, ect.), you cannot be Dual Wielding or Aodhan will not give you the quest.

IMPORTANT: If you are level 25 or below (Without having rebirthed) you will still have Eiry, which counts as a spirit weapon. Furthermore, Aodhan won't give you the quest.

2. Talk to Tarlach in Sidhe Sneachta.

3. Talk to Aeira in Dunbarton. Obtain the book Research on Ancient Spirits.

4. Talk to Tarlach to give him the book.

5. Talk to Edern in Bangor. You will gain the keyword The Fossil of Ancient Stone. Complete the quest.

The above quest does not have to be repeated again once completed.

You can now talk to Gilmore in Bangor about The Fossil of Ancient Stone. He will ask you to pay him 5,000G for the Barri Spirit Fossil Pass. Prepare a pickaxe, and then enter Barri Dungeon with the pass.

  • You may choose to bring people. The dungeon has some Gremlins, Vampire Bats, Red Spiders, and Imps.
  • The fossils can be retrieved from piles of ore randomly. The ore deposits are on the third floor of the dungeon, before the boss room.
    • Boss is 5 Ogre Warriors if you are interested. However you may choose to leave the dungeon once you mine all the Fossils.
  • Each fossil takes up a 2x2 square of inventory.

Collect as many fossils as possible and talk to Edern afterward to refine them. The gender and type of spirit is randomized and revealed only after the refining process. If you do not get the one you want, you may purchase another pass and try again. You may also simply buy the desired spirit stone from other players.

Your first refinement will give you the keyword Spirit Weapon Contract.

Collect 30 elemental removers. These may be purchased from Price, Galvin, or Lassar for 1,000G each.

Talk to Tarlach using the spirit weapon keyword once all the required items are gathered. He will ask you to choose which spirit stone, then which weapon, and then ask you to give the spirit a name.

Faster/Easier way to get Spirit Weapon


You will not obtain the keyword The Fossil of Ancient Stone, and you will not be able to get the passes to enter the dungeon after obtaining your spirit weapon. Follow the directions after step six to obtain the keyword.

1.Obtain a 100(100%) proficent weapon.

2.Buy the Spirit Stone for your weapon from another player.

3.Obtain 30 Elemental Removers.

4.Talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha with a 100 proficiency weapon equipped (max durability, upgrades, enchants, etc. do not matter to start the quest). You will receive a quest after you talk about Private Story. If the weapon with 100 proficiency is a sword (dagger, ect.), you cannot be dual wielding or Aodhan will not give you the quest.

5.Talk to Tarlach sometime between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Sidhe Sneachta. He will notice that you already have a spirit stone and give you the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract.

6.Talk to Tarlach using the keyword Spirit Weapon's Contract, and he will let you choose the type of Spirit Stone and the weapon and then have you name your new Spirit Weapon.

  • The original quest for obtaining a spirit weapon remains in your quest log, you may choose to complete it for the keyword if you wish to sell spirit stones to other players or supply your friends with some.

Misc. Details

  • Spirits can't be renamed once you decide their name in the final contract.
  • Spirit weapon stats are fixed regardless of the grade of weapon used. (so a stock weapon and one with +4 durability would both have the same stats after becoming spirit weapons.)
  • Any enchants or element on a weapon will be removed once it turns into spirit weapon.
  • Each female and male spirit have different stats, growth rate, and preferred items.
  • Spirit weapons can't be transferred, dropped or stored in the bank. They can only be stored in your inventory.
  • If you wish to remove your spirit and cancel the contract, you will lose both the spirit and the weapon itself.
  • If you talk to your spirit weapon when it is Fine or Happy, once a game day (recharges at 12:00 AM) it may randomly replenish your mana, stamina/hunger, hp/wound, or bless a single item or all items.
    • If wounds are recovered, so is HP.
    • If you obtain a Tear of Spirit then you cannot get the spirit's blessing until the next cycle begins. Likewise, if you have already received the blessing you cannot obtain a Tear of Spirit until the next cycle.


Male Female Item
Sword Male sword pic.png Female sword pic.png File:Sword spirit stone.jpg
Blunt Male blunt pic.png Female blunt pic.png File:Blunt spirit stone.jpg
Bow Male bow pic.png Female bow pic.png File:Bow spirit stone.jpg
Wand Male wand pic.png Female wand pic.png File:Wand spirit stone.jpg

Spirit Weapon Repair

  • Spirit weapons can't be repaired by blacksmith NPCs like normal weapons. You must prepare a Spirit Liqueur and a weapon of the same kind as your spirit. Repair success rate and durability recovered is dependent on the proficiency level of the weapon used for repair. A weapon with 100 proficiency DOES NOT guarantee a full repair.
    • Repairs also has a chance to break a Spirit weapons maximum durability just like normal repairing.
    • So in order to repair a spirit longbow, you would need a Spirit Liqueur and an ordinary longbow with high proficiency.
      • In order to make obtaining a high proficiency weapon faster, it is advised that the player keep a non-active character (or "mule") and refrain from allowing the "mule" to rebirth. By keeping the "mule" at a high age, the player can use that character to increase the rate of proficiency training.
      • Proficiency training also receives a bonus on Thursday.
      • Here is a list of proficiency "training" levels
    • Fossil Pieces of an Ancient Spirit used to create Spirit Liqueur are a byproduct of the spirit stone refinement process.
    • Nexon sells Spirit Weapon Repair Potions in the Cash Shop. There are 2 types. One type repairs the durability by a random number between 1 and 5, and costs 300 NX. The other type repairs the durability by a random number between 6 and 10, and costs 500 NX.

Spirit Weapon Stats

After making a spirit weapon, the item stats will change.

Like player characters, each spirit also has a status screen displaying its own stats for Str, Int, Dex, Will, Luck, and Social.

  • Strength: Determines minimum and maximum damage the spirit weapon can inflict.
  • Intelligence: Determines damage balance of the spirit weapon.
  • Dexterity: Determines injury rate the spirit weapon can inflict.
  • Will: Determines maximum durability the spirit weapon can possess.
  • Luck: Determines critical rate of the spirit weapon.
  • Social: Determines the color of light spirit weapon emits, the rank of the Spirit Incarnation skill, and the chain casting level for spirit wands(increaces once every five soc levels untill +4 at 21 Soc).
    • For many weapons, Int, Dex, Will, and/or Luck will increase max or min attack of the weapon by 1 for each level from 25 to 30.

Spirits do not have full recollection of past events at low social levels, they become more knowledgeable and give you tips as their social level increases.

For more info on what social level equals what color, see here:

Giving items to your Spirit Weapon (Stat Growing)

Press the slash key to talk to the spirit. (This can be modified through hotkeys.) You can then use the Gift option to give to your spirit weapon an item to absorb.

Upon absorbing an item you give it, a specific stat may increase (which stat varies from spirit to spirit). The increment depends on the value of item and the current level of the stat, as well as the current state of the ego (happy, fine, unhappy, angry). Different spirits prefer different items.

Spirit weapon stats will decrease should you decide not to give them an item over period of time. This impacts damage, balance, critical, and injury rate. Maximum range and chain casting can also be effected. This decrease is not permanent; it lasts until the suitable level of happiness is again reached.

See Giving to your Spirit Weapon for more details.