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== General Information ==
#REDIRECT [[Combat 2x EXP Potion#Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hrs.)]]
*While this potion is in effect, the user will be given double ''combat'' experience points by activating the [[Stats#Status_Effects| Combat 2x Exp status]].
**Because the status doubles the combat exp ''received'', it is possible to use it and gain 4x Exp during 2x Exp Events.
**This potion '''does not stack'''.
**Experience will only be doubled if the experience is earned from combat.
***You will not gain double experience for quests, skills, etc.
***Participation Bonus EXP will not be doubled.
*This potion is untradeable.
*If you take a 2x exp potion and log off or disconnect before the time limit of the potion is over, you can still use the remaining time when you log back on.
== Combat 2x EXP Potion (2 hrs.) ==
''The character will receive 2X Combat EXP for 2 hours.''
[[Category:Item Shop Items]]

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