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**[[Star Sapphire]]
**[[Star Sapphire]]
*'''Enchant Scrolls'''
***[[Rank 9 Enchants#Soulful|Soulful]]
***[[Rank 9 Enchants#Shadowy|Shadowy]]
*'''Outfit Boxes'''
*'''Outfit Boxes'''
**[[Squire's Uniform Box (Eirlys - Standard Issue Uniform)]]
**[[Squire's Uniform Box (Eirlys - Standard Issue Uniform)]]
**[[Squire's Uniform Box (Logan - Library Outfit)]]
**30 [[Alban Knights AP Seal]]
**30 [[Alban Knights AP Seal]]

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Basic Information

A special mission that can be started in Avalon Gate. This mission is solo only. Players can only enter this mission if they are level 60 or higher. The basic level mission can be entered once per in-game day, resetting at 6am in-game. The elite level mission can be entered as long as the player has the corresponding elite mission pass. In the basic difficulty, players cannot obtain exp when they are above level 99. In the elite difficulty, players cannot obtain exp when they are above level 149.

Basic Difficulty

Players begin at the entrance of Avalon Gate.

After closing the tutorial dialogue monsters and the squires will spawn.

Clearing the wave of monsters will prompt the player to pair the squires to clear mobs on various maps.

Certain combinations of squire pairs will provide different buffs to the squires.

After pairing all the squires, the player will begin traveling to various maps similar to Alban Knights Training Grounds and will have to clear two waves of monsters each map.

After clearing a map, players may proceed to clear maps alone or assist their squires.

Every mission has a Sneaky Disciples of the Prophets which will spawn in one random map, this monster always drops useful rewards when defeated.

Players must continue pushing through maps until they find a giant peridot boss.

Once the boss is defeated, the mission will immediately be cleared, and a reward chest will spawn on the players feet.

When the boss reaches a certain health, prophets will spawn. The prophets will stand in place channeling a strange light. If the prophets are not defeated the boss will gain various buffs including health regeneration, heavy stander, magic deflector, natural shield.

Squire Bonus Combinations

Upon entering the mission, after the initial wave of monsters is defeated, you will be asked to pair off the remaining squires into three separate teams.

  • If any squires fall during the initial confrontation they cannot be chosen, and will be unavailable for the remainder of the mission.

Listed below are the combinations of squires that result in special effects.

  • These bonuses will cease if one of the team's partners falls unconscious.

  • Logan's Heart of Gold - Logan ✖ Dai/Eirlys/Elsie/Kanna/Kaour
    • Logan's partner recovers their HP after every area cleared without the player's help.
  • Debutantes - Kanna ✖ Eirlys
    • Kanna's HP is increased, Eirlys' attack is increased.
  • Dogged Destroyers - Kanna ✖ Dai
    • Kanna's and Dai's attack is greatly increased, and HP is decreased
  • Reliable Ones - Dai ✖ Kaour
    • Kaour's and Dai's HP is greatly increased, and attack is decreased
  • A Pair of Scalawags Eirlys ✖ Kaour
    • Eirlys' and Kaour's attack is increased
  • The Shy and the Hated Guy Elsie ✖ Dai
    • Elsie's attack is greatly increased, Dai's HP is decreased

Sneaky Disciple Drops