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Couple Breaker Event

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Couple Breaker Event Banner.
For other Valentine's Day Events, see Valentine's Day Events.
February 12, 2015 - March 11, 2015


Hanson the Handsome and Joanna of the Low Standards are madly in love, but is it a love worth fighting for? These two soulmates have their share of complications, and it's up to you to decide if they belong together.

Event Dates:
Thursday, Feb. 12 - Wednesday, March 11

Event Details:
Daily Quest: Talk to Hanson the Handsome in Dunbarton and choose to either fulfill his love-drenched desires or shatter his sham of a relationship. Think carefully if you're a champion of love or if you're cheering for heartbreak, each choice has a different set of rewards, which may include:

  • Proposal Balloon (#5)
  • 1,000 Sharp Arrow or 1,000 Sharp Bolt bundles
  • Couple Breaker 2nd Title Coupon
  • Statue of Love (special chair)
  • Red or Blue Upgrade Stones
  • Gems, Dye Ampoules, Potions and more![1]


Possible Spawn locations
  • Upon logging in, you will receive the quest, Another Couple Formed.
    • Another Couple Formed resets at 7:00 AM PST.
    • Talk to Hanson the Handsome located at the south side of Dunbarton's square. Prompted: "I will help." or "I would rather you stay alone.". Either choice will give you Hanson's Proposal Balloon.
    • Choosing "I will help." will start the Wanna Get Hitched? quest.
    • Choosing "I would rather you stay alone." will start the Down with the Matrimonialocracy quest.
      • To pop Hanson's Proposal Balloon, you must equip it and then earn 100 Breaking Points by defeating the Statues of Love. All characters who hit a statue get 20 Breaking Points when it is destroyed (if they have Hanson's Proposal Balloon equipped), regardless of how much damage they contributed.
        • The statues periodically appear as a field boss in the north, south, west or east of Dunbarton a couple of times per game day.
        • The statues have 100,001 HP, are stationary, and do not attack.
        • Rock Throwing will do 10,000 damage to the statue only if the balloon is equipped. Other attacks will do regular damage.
          • Giants will be able to learn the action during the event. But the action will disappear once the event ends.
        • Warning: Unequipping the balloon will reset all your breaking points.
        • Upon popping the balloon, 2-11? event reward items will drop at your feet.
        • Even if you chose the Wanna Get Hitched? quest, the balloon can still be popped, and will still drop reward items on bursting.


Another Couple Formed

How to Get Quest

Log in during the Couple Breaker Event

Briefing I have spent too long as a single man. I want to stride into Dunbarton with my wife at my side and spit on every single person I see along the way. Come and help me if you believe in love.
  • 5500 Experience Points

Down with the Matrimonialocracy

How to Get Quest

Choose "I would rather you stay single." in Another Couple Formed quest

Briefing Equip Hanson's Proposal Balloon, then use the Stone Throwing action to break Statues of Love around Dunbarton until you get 100 Breaking Points
  • 10000 Experience Points
Additional Information

A Garden of Love Statues appears daily as a field boss around Dunbarton. Each statue takes 10-11 thrown stones to break and awards 20 breaking points.

Wanna Get Hitched?

How to Get Quest

Choose "I will help." in Another Couple Formed quest

Briefing Please deliver my Proposal Balloon to my love, Joanna, in Tir Chonaill and see if she'll marry me. -Hanson the Handsome in Dunbarton-
Additional Information

Joanna is under the big tree in the Tir Chonaill Town Square.


Wedding Approval Gift

Crafting Materials





Get 2-11? of the following items listed below once you've popped your balloon: