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Culinary Artist

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You may have been looking for the Cooking Talent.
Master Chef redirects here. For the Talent, see Talent/Hero Talent Tables#Culinary Artist.
Master Chef redirects here. For the Master Chef books, see Master Chef's Cooking Class: Baking, Master Chef's Cooking Class: Frying, Master Chef's Cooking Class: Stir-frying, and Master Chef's Cooking Class: Simmering.
Culinary Artist redirects here. For the Culinary Artist book, see Culinary Artist's Course: Steaming.
Portrait of Culinary Artist
Culinary Artist
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Culinary Artist

Aces Micro-Site Description

Chosen by the God of Cooking, the Culinary Artist is a master of cuisine
whose skill in the kitchen is unparalleled. He was born with a delicate
and sophisticated palate, allowing him to create dishes other chefs
can only dream of. Now he's bringing exotic new ingredients, UI
improvements, 90 new recipes and other tasty additions to
Erinn's cooking system. If you're a foodie, this Ace is for you![1]


A highly skilled chef and part of the Aces. His real name is unknown and simply goes by Culinary Artist.


  • Culinary Artist is also known as Master Chef in oversea servers.