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Dragon Fireball

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For the player skill, see Fireball.

Basic Information

  • Possessed by all Dragons except Red, Black, and White.
  • The Dragon flies up and unleashes a Fireball to the ground before landing.
  • If the chosen target is out of range, then it will immediately change to another target within the range and fire at it instead. If there is no target, it will cancel the spell.
    • The target range is much smaller than a regular Fireball.
  • This Fireball casts much faster than a normal Fireball, and the time to impact is around 3 seconds.
  • Is similar to a regular Fireball but has a very wide radius of 3600, which is equal to a boss room if fired into the center.
    • The massive radius, combined with the very fast impact time, makes it dificult to run out of, even with a Mount.
    • The only way to avoid Dragon Fireball is to hide behind an obstacle after it is launched, preferably with Campfire or Barrier Spikes.
  • Ignores Protection when calculating critical chance.
  • Has a minimum base damage of 6,700. Along with Critical Hit, the spell will likely hit over 10,000 on most things.
  • Contrary to its appearance, it does not Chain Cast five Fireball charges, but is only a one-charge skill.
  • May hit other animals if caught in the blast.
  • Will NOT be reduced to 1 damage by having 100% fire enchantment.

Monsters with the Skill


  • This skill is also known as Dragon Firebreath.