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Dragon Master Event (2021)

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Dragon Master Event
January 21st, 2021 - February 18st, 2021


Now's your chance to wrangle the new Red Flame Fire Dragon! Brave the Uladh Dungeon and Shadow Missions to collect what Meiling needs to craft the dragon. Or, log in every day to make this majestic pet your own! You can also earn hot rewards like Nao's Festival Bag Coupon or the Aura of Vitality 2nd Title. Check out the details below![1]

  • Upon log in you will receive the quest [Guide] Dragon Clan Across the Sea.
  • Talk to Meiling in the Dunbarton Town Square to register a main character.
    • You can only register one character per account.
    • The character needs to have a total level of at least 30.
  • Once completed, you will receive the following:

Dragon Master Event Details

  • During the event, you can gather materials for Meiling to craft a Red Flame Fire Dragon Horn Bugle.
    • You can only craft one Red Flame Fire Dragon Horn Bugle during the event period.
    • You can also obtain a Red Flame Fire Dragon Horn Bugle as a reward from the Walter Attendance Scroll event.
  • The event items (Horn of a Thousand Year Old Dragon, Fire Dragon's Red Leather, Golden Yarn of Dawn, Incomplete Horn Bugle, and Walter Attendance Scroll) will be removed after the event ends, including any items in the auction house, mailbox, bank, or pet inventory.
  • You must gather one Horn of a Thousand Year Old Dragon, one Fire Dragon's Red Leather, and one Golden Yarn of Dawn for Meiling to attempt to craft the Red Flame Fire Dragon Horn Bugle.
  • You have a chance to collect the Horn of a Thousand Year Old Dragon by clearing the following Uladh Dungeons:
    • Alby Intermediate
    • Alby Advanced
    • Ciar Intermediate
    • Ciar Advanced
    • Rabbie Basic
    • Rabbie Advanced
    • Fiodh Intermediate
    • Fiodh Advanced
    • Rundal Basic
    • Rundal Advanced
    • Alby Hardmode
    • Ciar Hardmode
    • Rundal Hardmode
  • You have a chance to collect Fire Dragon's Red Leather when you complete a Tara or Tailteann Shadow Missions
    • The harder the dungeon or mission difficulty, the better the chance to collect the material.
  • You have a chance to collect Golden Yarn of Dawn when you fish at Tir Chonaill Fishing Area with Bait Tin.
  • When the crafting succeeds, you will receive an Incomplete Whistle. Stay logged in for 1 hour to convert it to a Red Flame Fire Dragon Horn Bugle...and the Dragon might have something special for you!
    • If you change channels or log out before the hour has finished, the timer will reset. You will need to stay logged in for the full hour to convert it to a Red Flame Fire Dragon Horn Bugle.
    • When the crafting fails, you could keep all three materials or could lose one or more materials. You will also receive a consolation item.

Walter Attendance Scroll Event Details

  • Every day spend at least 36 minutes logged in to Mabinogi on your main character to receive a reward.
  • To receive your reward, you must use the Walter Attendance Scroll and click 'Receive Gift.'
  • There is a maximum of 28 rewards to collect during the event period.
  • The event resets daily at 7:00 AM PST.

Attendance Scroll Rewards


[Guide] Dragon Clan Across the Sea
How to Get Quest

Log in during the event

Briefing You sense a strange energy...
Something is drawing you toward the Dunbarton Town Square
  • Set Main Character with Meiling