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*[[Sprite#Wolf Sprite|Wolf Sprite]] (Floor 1)
*'''[[Sprite#Wolf Sprite|Wolf Sprite]]''' (Floor 1)
*[[Sprite#Bear Sprite|Bear Sprite]] (Floor 2)
*'''[[Sprite#Bear Sprite|Bear Sprite]]''' (Floor 2)
*[[Sprite#Horse Sprite|Horse Sprite]] (Floor 3)
*'''[[Sprite#Horse Sprite|Horse Sprite]]''' (Floor 3)
*[[Spider#Chandelier Spider|Chandelier Spider]]
*'''[[Spider#Chandelier Spider|Chandelier Spider]]'''
*'''[[Zombie#Bisque Doll|Bisque Doll]]''' (Floor 2)
*[[Zombie#Bisque Doll|Bisque Doll]] (Floor 2)
*'''[[Mask#Red Phantom Mask|Red Phantom Mask]]''' (Floor 1)
*[[Mask#Red Phantom Mask|Red Phantom Mask]] (Floor 1)
*'''[[Mask#Black Phantom Mask|Black Phantom Mask]]''' (Floor 2)
*[[Mask#Black Phantom Mask|Black Phantom Mask]] (Floor 2)
*'''[[Mask#White Phantom Mask|White Phantom Mask]]''' (Floor 3)
*[[Mask#White Phantom Mask|White Phantom Mask]] (Floor 3)
*'''[[Wolf#Keep Hound|Keep Hound]]'''
*[[Wolf#Keep Hound|Keep Hound]]
*<font color="Red">Party Boss:</font> '''[[Incubus]]'''
*[[Incubus]] (Solo Boss)
*<font color="Red">Party Boss:</font> '''[[Specter Army]]'''
*[[Specter Army]] (Party Boss)
===Spawn Patterns===
===Spawn Patterns===

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Dugald Castle is located to the northeast of Dugald Aisle's residential area.

The dungeon is similar to the Sen Mag Castle Dungeon. The dungeon can be located in the castle's basement and can be reached through a hole in the wall. A guard is posted outside this opening; he sells the dungeon pass for an amount of gold determined by the guild that owns the castle. To enter the dungeon, the party leader must purchase the pass; the pass cannot be traded or sold and has a time limit.

  • The price of the dungeon pass is decided on the guild that owns the castle. it can range from up to and under 10,000 gold

Room Types

The castle dungeon shares something in common with Iria dungeons: special room types not found in many other dungeons.

Recovery Room

  • Monsters will "rest" for 5 seconds every 10~15 seconds. When resting, they will usually drop any aggro, and will recover all their HP, but not wounds.
  • You cannot target or attack the monsters when they are resting.
  • In a room with mixed monster types, only one monster type will rest at a time.


General Info

Number of Floors: 3
Visible Floors: None


Spawn Patterns