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Dungeon Pass/Archive

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  • A dungeon pass is an item which, when dropped in front of the appropriate dungeon's goddess statue, will take you to a special dungeon with (usually) more difficult enemies and more rooms, but also greater rewards.
  • Dungeon passes cannot be traded.
    • However, it is possible to "drop someone off" inside a dungeon by dropping the pass while they are in the party, and then leaving yourself.
      • If you log off right after creating a dungeon via this method, you will incur large EXP penalties.
  • Some passes place a restriction on the amount of party members. An Alby Intermediate Fomor Pass for Four, for example, requires you to have four people in the party and on the altar when you drop the pass - no more, and no less. As previously mentioned, if you created the dungeon, you can leave and let the party finish without you.

Alby Dungeon Passes

Alby Beginner

Alby Basic

Alby Intermediate For One

Alby Intermediate For Two

Alby Intermediate Fomor Pass For Four

Ciar Dungeon Passes

Ciar Beginner

Ciar Basic

Ciar Intermediate For One

Ciar Intermediate For Two

Ciar Intermediate For Four

Rabbie Dungeon Passes

Rabbie Basic

Math Dungeon Passes

Math Advance

Math Advance For Two

Math Advance For Three

Fiodh Dungeon Passes

Fiodh Intermediate For One

Fiodh Intermediate For Two

Fiodh Intermediate Fomor Pass For Four

  • Giant Imp
  • Argus
  • Fiodh Normal End Chest
  • Fiodh Intermediate For One End Chest

Barri Dungeon Passes

Barri Basic

Rundal Dungeon Passes

Rundal Basic

Rundal Siren Dungeon

To get a Siren Dungeon Pass, you must first obtain a Suspicious Pass from any of the following, and then bring it to Aer at Ceo Island.(To trade it for a Siren pass, give it to her and she will translate it.)

Rundal Advance

Rundal Advance For Two

Rundal Advance For Three

Dungeon Quest Pass/Items

  • G1
  • G2
  • Malcolm's Pass
  • Trefor's Pass

Dungeon RP Pass / Items

  • Ranald Medal- Gift Ranald about 15 Wooden Blades, then talk to him about a Private Story. Then recieve the medal and go to Rabbie Dungeon and enter using the medal to Role Play as Ranald.
  • Giant Spider Fomor Scroll - Talk to Deian about a Private Story while you have at least one of each of the following: Black Spider's Fomor Scroll, White Spider's Fomor Scroll and Red Spider's Fomor Scroll. Enter Alby Dungeon using the Giant Spider Fomor Scroll he gives you to Role Play as the Giant Spider
  • Trefor Glove - Talk to Trefor while doing Deian's Part time job.