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Dungeon Room Types

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Orb/Marble/Switch/Lotto Rooms

The exit door will remain closed until the correct orb is hit. There is a pole in each corner of the room, one of the poles will open the door when hit, the other 3 will spawn monsters. If you spawn monsters, than open the door and continue without killing the monsters, they will disappear after a few more rooms have been cleared. In most dungeons, all 3 spawning orbs in one room will spawn the same thing. Exceptions include advanced dungeons, Baol infiltration dungeon, and some event dungeons.

How the Orbs Work Which orb will open the door or spawn monsters is pre-determined. The orb that opens the door is the same one in every orb room in a dungeon. Which orb opens the door will rotate clockwise every 10 seconds. (So if you opened the door on your first try and there is another orb room right after it, hitting the next orb in the cycle 10 seconds after you opened the last door should open the next one) In dungeons where each orb has a different spawn, which spawn an orb would give also rotates on the same cycle. In Baol Infiltration, the orb that would have opened the door before the rotation is the one that spawns Hellhounds after the rotation. (So when the northeast orb would open the door, the northwest orb is the one that spawns Hellhounds.)

Chest Rooms

There is a single chest in the room. Opening the chest will spawn monsters, and close all exits to the room. Chest rooms often have multiple waves of monsters, each wave spawning after the last has been defeated. The exits will reopen once the last monster is defeated. The dungeon room key will always drop from a monster in the last wave in the room. If a chest room is cleared that is adjacent to another chest room that has been started, the door between the two rooms will open, but will close again if another spawn occurs in the room. Chest rooms that are in a dead end tend to have only one wave of monsters.

Pre-spawned Rooms

Monsters will have spawned before you get there. No monsters in this room carry a dungeon room key, so it is not necessary to fight these monsters in order to continue.

Mimic Rooms

Similar to pre-spawned rooms, except there is a chest with a key in one of the corners. There is a monster in the other 3 corners, the monsters in the corners are almost always some type of mimic providing camouflage for the real chest. There will almost always be a crowd of monsters milling around, sometimes these are also mimics. In addition to the monsters in the corners, there are other monsters scattered throughout the room.

Since the real chest is part of the terrain, hovering the mouse over it with windmill loaded will make the cursor display what it would if it were pointing at the ground, when hovering cursor over mimics, it will display the fist as it normally would.

  • Another way to determine which mimic is the real one without the loss of stamina and hp, is to mount any of the pet mounts, for ex. mimic and you would then on click on each of the mimics until you get the key.

Mimic Pit

Similar to a mimic room, except it is in a hallway instead of a room. Can be anywhere in a hallway, but usually a dead end or an intersection. One corner has a chest with a key inside, and the other 3 corners have monsters which are almost always mimics. The area is small enough for a human with Windmill below rank 5 to hit everything if they stand in the exact center.

Herb Rooms

Three patches of herbs inside an (almost) always empty room. Variety of herbs depends on the dungeon and dungeon level. Usually placed towards the final five rooms of a floor.

Ore Rooms

In Barri dungeon only, there are rooms which contain an ore pile in every corner. Like herb rooms, these rooms are usually empty of enemies, but may contain a small pre-deployed group.

Statue Room

First room of every floor inside a dungeon. Clicking on the statue will allow you to "memorize" the location. The "Revive at last statue of goddess" option will revive you in the last statue room you "memorized". There are never monsters spawned in a statue room. Most dungeons in Another World do not have statues in the room.

Boss Room

The last room of the dungeon before the reward room, where the boss of the dungeon will spawn. Much larger that the other rooms. About the size of 2x2 normal rooms in most dungeons. (Exceptions include Baol final boss room the size of 3x3 normal rooms, and Longa desert ruins, 3x2.) Defeating all monsters inside will automatically give a treasure chest key to the reward room chests to all players who were in the original party that made the dungeon and are still within the dungeon. Boss rooms do not have multiple waves of monsters (except in Boss Rush Dungeons)

When the Boss room is opened, all monsters in the dungeon that is outside the boss room will disappear.

Reward Room

The room at the end of a dungeons which holds the reward treasure chests. There is a statue in the middle that can transport you to the dungeon lobby if you click on it. The number of chests inside is equal to the number of members of the original party that are inside the dungeon when the boss door opens.

If a member of the party that made the dungeon leaves before the boss door opens and returns before the boss dies, they will receive a key even though they were not present when the number of chests in the reward room was determined, resulting in more players with keys than there are chests.

Treasure Room

Usually appears once in a dungeon created with a basic pass, intermediate pass or a ruin dungeon in Iria. There will be nine locked treasure chests inside, with the keys dropping from any monster spawned from a orb room on the same floor. There are always three orb rooms on this floor in an Iria ruins dungeon. Uladh based dungeons do not always have 3 orb rooms on the treasure chest floor. There are a potential of three keys per orb room; one key per orb spawn. Leaving the floor will result in dropping the key. Usually, the "treasure" is an Enchant scroll within one of the nine chests. The other treasure chests will spawn monsters, gold, healing supplies, or drop nothing at all.

Iria Dungeon Only Rooms

There are several types of rooms that are only found in dungeons in Iria. (Although, Sen Mag Castle Dungeon and Dugald Castle Dungeon have a few of these rooms.)

Recovery Room

  • Monsters will "rest" for 5 seconds every 10~15 seconds. When resting, they will usually drop any aggro, but will aggro you again instantly after resting if you attacked it before resting, and will usually recover all or most their HP, but not wounds. NOTE: This time varies depending on the item drop. For example, in Pot Belly Spider Artifact dungeons, the window for attack becomes only 5 seconds.
  • You cannot target or attack the monsters when they are resting.

Slowly Mobbing Room

  • The room spawns one group of monsters ready to attack, and two other groups resting. After some time, these groups will stop resting and join in the attack, creating a dangerously mobby situation for small parties.

Roulette Room

  • A switch stands in the center of the room. When hit, exits will close, and 3 monster groups will spawn, but they will be in resting mode.
  • Hit the switch again, and one of the monster types (randomly selected) will be freed from rest, and the others will disappear. It is also possible for none to be selected and all disappear, allowing you to proceed without fighting.
  • Sometimes there will be a Chest in the room, but 4 columns will appear in the corners. 3 Type monsters spawn. Hit one and one of the following will happen.
    • Two types of monsters will disappear.
    • One type will disappear.
    • One type of monster will stop resting and the room becomes a slowly mobbing room
    • All of the monsters disappear and the doors are opened.
    • One of the switches may be a dud and not do anything at all upon being hit and you will have to chose another switch.

Vanish Room

  • The room starts with many monsters and monster types, but Group by Group, the mobs will disappear until one group is left, usually in the corners of the room.