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Basic Information

  • Every piece of equipment has durability. When the durability reaches 0, it cannot be equipped unless it is repaired. In the case of armor, it remains on your body but has no effect. For weapons, they will only do your base damage.
    • To repair your item, you must speak to an NPC and repair it; the higher the success rate, the higher the cost of the repair.
  • Blessing will cause durability to decrease more slowly (by exactly half).
  • Blessed items have an improved success rate for repairing, thus it is recommended that you repair 1 point at a time, since a failed repair will strip the item of its blessing and cause subsequent repairs to be done without blessing.
    • Example: You have a weapon at 0/10 durability and it is blessed. You decide to repair at Ferghus and click "perfect repair". He will proceed to repair all 10 points, but it is calculated per point. So your first repair will be 90% success + blessing bonus. However, let's assume he messed up on the first point. Your weapon is now 0/9, and now has no blessing. He will proceed to repair the rest of the 9 points, with each point at 90% success (since you lost blessing). This is why repairing per point is better, provided you re-bless every time the repair fails.
  • The durability of a weapon does not decrease if you strike an object such as a pole.
  • There are two independent sources of durability loss:
    • Time:
      • Durability on almost everything will decrease over long periods of time if equipped on the active slots.
      • The rate of decay is a small fraction of a durability point every 5 minutes in real-time (see below under "Advanced Information Regarding Durability Loss").
      • Exceptions include: Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, and other special items.
    • Usage:
      • All equipped equipment may lose durability when the player is hit.
        • Every time the player is hit, one random equipped equipment is selected from all equipped equipment. Only that selected equipment will lose durability, while the others would not.
        • The amount of durability lost per hit is independent on the damage received during the hit.
        • Different types of armor/clothing have different durability loss formulas.
          • In terms of body armor, Heavy Armor loses durability the slowest. Followed by Light Armor, then regular clothing.
      • Different weapons have different durability loss formulas.
        • Swords and Blunts lose durability per attack when striking a monster.
        • Bows lose durability with every shot fired, as well as when using Close combat skills such as Windmill and Counterattack.
        • Wands lose durability per attack during melee combat and magic usage.

Repair Locations

See Repairing

Advanced Information Regarding Durability Loss

(Information below may be approximate)

  • Every 5 minutes real time (Based on unblessed equipment):
    • Hats lose 0.006 durability points.
    • Clothes/Armors lose 0.016 durability points.
    • Boots lose 0.014 durability points.
    • Gloves lose 0.010 durability points.
    • Robes lose 0.020 durability points.
    • Shields lose 0.006 durability points (this includes cooking tools that equip on the left hand but not missiles or consumables that equip there).
    • All weapons lose 0.006 durability points (anything equipable in the right hand (when not dual wielding), including swords, blunts, knuckles, ranged weapons, wands and tools)
    • Empty bottles and magic powders can be equipped on the right hand but do not have a durability attribute and therefore do not lose durability.
  • Since all items lose durability simultaneously every 5 minutes, it is possible to avoid the durability loss via time simply by figuring out when the "tick" will go off, and then un-equipping everything right before the tick. Alternatively you could relog before the 5 minutes. This isn't at all practical, but is possible.