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Dustin Silver Knight Helm

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File:Dustin Silver Knight Helm.gif Dustin Silver Knight Helm Equipped Front.png Dustin Silver Knight Helm Equipped Side.png Dustin Silver Knight Helm Equipped Back.png Dustin Silver Knight Helm Equipped Angled.png
2 x 2 Front Side Back Angled

A helmet that goes with the Dustin Silver Knight Armor. This unique helmet is made of multiple layers for added protection and its spikes along the center is perfect to intimidate any foe.

This headgear adds:

  • +4 Explosion Defense
  • +3 Stamina Usage Reduction

Resell Value is ?g.

See Helmets List for more helmets and Category:Headgear for all headgear.


Human and Giant only.
Cannot be upgraded.

Item Grades

Type Defense Protection Durability
Base 1 1 14

Repair Costs

Repairs can be done by NPCs able to do Blacksmith Repairs.

Success Rate Cost
90% ?g
95% ?g
98% ?g

Obtained From