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Upload a portrait for Edern
Race Human
Gender Male
Occupation Blacksmith
Location Bangor
Part-time Job None
Repair Weapon/Armor, 98%

Edern is the blacksmith of Bangor. Fascinated by metals as a small child, he decided to become a blacksmith at a very early age.

Because he has handled metals for so long, his skills of creating and repairing metals are masterful. His craft is known far and wide, as people will travel great distances places to request his services.

Many say that he's taught numerous blacksmiths his skills throughout the Eilich kingdom. However, he is a very proud and confident man and you must be mindful of that when you talk to him. If you happen to get caught not paying attention or disrespect him in any other way while he's talking, you'll be in big trouble.

Favorite Items

He graciously accepted a hammer gift from the... um.. general shop i think it was... hope that helps?