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Upload a portrait for Eiry
Race Weapon Spirit
Gender Female
Occupation Beginner Spirit Weapon
Location None
Part-time Job None
Repair None

Eiry is the spirit in the Spirit Weapon a player starts off with when they create a new character and is the player's beginner guide to playing Mabinogi. For Humans, it is a spirit Short Sword. Elves are given a spirit Short Bow, and Giants are given a spirit Great Mallet. Since Eiry is technically a Spirit Weapon, you may not make another one until you are rid of her. By pressing '/' in game, you can talk to her and she will give you information about your surroundings and basic information, such as 'How do I Fight' or 'What is a Quest.'

In the Generation 13 update, Eiry is no longer distributed to new players. Instead, Humans are given a Practice Short Sword.

  • Eiry will disappear for Human characters after finishing a quest requiring to talk to Duncan after reaching a total level of 26, and will be replaced by a Fluted Short Sword.
  • Eiry will disappear for Elf characters after completing the beginner quest Castanea's Advice, and will be replaced by a Elven Short Bow.
  • Eiry will disappear for Giant characters after completing the beginner quest Krug's Advice which comes after the quest to visit Qilla Base Camp. Eiry will be replaced by a Great Mallet.
  • Eiry does not have many common attributes of a regular Spirit Weapon: