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Elven Long Bow

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Equipped Sheathed

A bow that has been optimized for combat after years of research from Elves whose primary weapon is the bow. It has been coated with metallic material to enhance the bow's elasticity, but unless you're a skilled user, it is hard to aim.

For a quick comparison of ranged weapons see the Ranged Weapons List and for individual articles see Category:Ranged Weapons.


Cannot be dyed.
Cannot be made into a spirit weapon at this time.

Base Stats

※ Consumes 2.0 stamina per melee swing. Template:WeaponBox

Weapon Grades



Upgrade Name Proficiency Upgrade Details UG # Cost NPC
Bow String Strengthening 1 12 Max Attack Power +2 0~4 1,000 Meles
Bow String Strengthening 2 16 Max Attack Power +3 1~4 2,000
Bow String Strengthening 3 21 Max Attack Power +4 2~4 3,200
Bow String Strengthening 4 27 Max Attack Power +5 3~4 4,100
Bow String Strengthening 5 34 Max Attack Power +6 4~4 7,000
String Change 20 Effective Range +100 0~0 3,000
Sight Change 18 Minimum Damage +3 1~2 2,300
Oiling 30 Min Attack Power +2, Max Attack Power +2, Critical +2%
Balance -6%
2~3 5,000
Bow Tip Enhancement 16 Critical +4%
0~4 2,000
Meles' Elven Long Bow Enhancement 60 Critical +15%
Balance -20%
0~0 12,000
Meles' Elven Long Bow Modification 65 Min Attack Power +5, Max Attack Power +5, Effective Range +100
Critical -5%, Balance -10%
4~4 13,000

Jewel Upgrades[1]

Future content.png This section of the article includes content that may not be released in North America.
Some or all of the following contents may not be officially released by Nexon America, and may be based on Mabinogi overseas. Details are subject to change.
Upgrade Name Proficiency Upgrade Details UG # Cost Jewels NPC
Common Gem Upgrade 100 Max Durability +2 0~0 25,000g Diamond 1.0cm+
Spinel 1.0cm+
Garnet 1.0cm+

Upgrade Sequences


Spirit Weapon Repair


Crafting Requirements

Currently cannot be crafted.