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| [[Lepus]]
| [[Lepus]]
| [[Filia]]
| [[Filia]]
| 8,400g<br>7,980g ([[Elf]] allied)
| 8,400g<br />7,980g ([[Elf]] allied)
Line 95: Line 95:
| [[Ifrit]]
| [[Ifrit]]
| [[Connous]] (Central Longa Desert Field Boss),<br>[[Connous Underground]] (Center)
| [[Connous]] (Central Longa Desert Field Boss),<br />[[Connous Underground]] (Center)
| [[Red Dragon]]
| [[Red Dragon]]

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Enamel Shoes.png x100px x100px x100px x100px
2 x 2 Front Side Back Angled

Shoes with a rounded front. The straps on the ankle are thin, looking sexy. For women only.

Resell Value is 940g.

See Category:Shoes and Shoes List for more footwear.


Human and Elf only.

Item Grades

Type Defense Protection Durability
Original 1 0 16

Repair Costs

Repairs can be done by NPCs able to make Tailor Repairs.

Success Rate Cost​
94% 54g​
98% ?g

Dye Details

Items can be dyed using Dye Ampoules. The colors available depend on the palette of the part to be dyed.

  Part A Part B Part C
Dyed Part The overall shoes - -
Palette Used Cloth - -

Methods to Obtain

NPC Stores

Who Where Cost
Simon Dunbarton 8,400g
Ailionoa Emain Macha
Effie Qilla Base Camp
Brenda Taillteann
Eluned Tara
Lepus Filia 8,400g
7,980g (Elf allied)

Monster Drops

What Where
Ifrit Connous (Central Longa Desert Field Boss),
Connous Underground (Center)
Red Dragon Zardine (around Raspa Volcano)