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==General Information==
#REDIRECT [[Enchanting Sequences (Disambiguation)]]
*Most enchantments of Rank 9 or higher cannot be applied to an item unless an enchantment of the previous rank (or higher) already exists on the item. The tables on this page list enchantments for each rank by item types, to help determine what the enchanter will need to obtain and enchant first, and in what order.
*Some enchantments are exempt from the rule of requiring the enchanter to overwrite another lower-rank enchant. These are listed in <b><span style="color:green">green</span></b>.
**In some instances you will need to use these, because for some item types, an unbroken progression of enchantment ranks does not exist. They also can serve to skip over several steps of the enchantment ladder, which is advantageous considering the high rates of failure for number-ranked enchants.

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