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Enchanting Sequences/Footwear

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Name Rank Enchants Onto
Hamster Prefix, A All
Lucid Prefix, A Footwear
Hidden Prefix, A All
Lake Prefix, A Footwear
Metal Needle Prefix, A Metal Equipment, Metal Weapons
Colorful Prefix, A All
Sturdy Prefix, A Shields, Footwear, Headgear
Fearless Prefix, A All
8th Anniversary Water Drop Prefix, A All
Pain Prefix, 9 All
Glowing Prefix, 9 Shoes
Contemplate Prefix, 9 All
Silver Fox Prefix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Hot Foot Prefix, 9 Footwear
Difficult Prefix, 9 Footwear
Tilted Prefix, 9 Shoes
Magical Prefix, 9 All
Engineer's Prefix, 9 All
Virtuous Prefix, 9 Footwear
Nostalgic Prefix, 9 All
Fleet Prefix, 9 Greaves
Dice Battle Prefix, 9 All
Amnesia Prefix, 9 All
Oblivion Prefix, 9 All
Free Prefix, 9 Footwear
Burgundy Bear Prefix, 9 Metal Equipment
Sparrow's Prefix, 8 Footwear
Musician's Prefix, 8 Greaves
Oasis Prefix, 8 Footwear
Brainstorm Prefix, 8 All
Tragedy Prefix, 8 Footwear
Division Prefix, 8 Footwear
Vicious Prefix, 8 Footwear
Edgy Prefix, 8 All
Mana Sorcerer Prefix, 8 Footwear
Spy's Prefix, 7 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Handgear
Various Prefix, 7 Handgear, Footwear
Composer Prefix, 7 Footwear
Dramatic Prefix, 7 Footwear
Breezy Prefix, 7 Footwear
Elven Prefix, 7 All
Fantastic Prefix, 7 All
Royal Guard's Prefix, 7 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Handgear
Stormy Prefix, 6 Footwear
Steadfast Prefix, 5 Footwear
Tripod Prefix, 5 Handgear, Footwear
Lightspeed Prefix, 5 Footwear
Coma Prefix, 5 Headgear, Footwear
Solo Prefix, 5 Handgear, Footwear
Burlesque Prefix, 4 Handgear, Footwear
Gathering Prefix, 4 Footwear
Resolution Prefix, 4 Handgear, Footwear
Broken Prefix, 4 Handgear, Footwear
Running Prefix, 4 Metal Boots, Metal Gauntlets
Technical Prefix, 3 Handgear, Footwear
Name Rank Enchants Onto
Healer Suffix, A All
Elegant Suffix, A Footwear, Handgear
Burst Knight Suffix, A Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Tragic Suffix, A All
Merciless Suffix, A All
Fighter Suffix, A All
Earnest Suffix, A All
Butterfly Suffix, A Footwear
Viscount Suffix, A Greaves
Poison Hunter's Suffix, A All
Happiness Suffix, A Handgear, Shoes, Accessories
Charm Suffix, A Footwear
Water Drop Suffix, A All
Pumpkin Suffix, A Footwear
8th Anniversary Droplet Suffix, A All
Hawk Suffix, A Footwear
Courageous Suffix, A Metal Equipment
White Tiger Suffix, A Footwear
Shining Suffix, A All
Hawthorn Tree Suffix, A All
Cruel Suffix, A All
Wind Suffix, A Handgear, Footwear, Accessories
Breeze Suffix, A All
Thief Suffix, A All
Ecstasy Suffix, 9 Handgear, Footwear
Assault Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor, Gloves, Footwear
Vitality Suffix, 9 Handgear, Footwear
Scary Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Camo Suffix, 9 Clothing, Armor, Gloves, Shoes
Serious Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Cowboy Suffix, 9 Footwear
Shake Suffix, 9 Footwear
Dangerous Suffix, 9 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Witch Suffix, 9 Footwear
Gamer Suffix, 9 All
Director Suffix, 9 Handgear, Footwear
Embracing Suffix, 9 All
Inconvenient Suffix, 8 Greaves
Prop Suffix, 8 Footwear
Knowledge Suffix, 8 Handgear, Shoes
Restorative Suffix, 8 All
Mana Witch Suffix, 8 All
Camellia Tree Suffix, 8 All
Satisfaction Suffix, 8 Handgear, Shoes, Accessories
Flapping Suffix, 8 Footwear
Mix Suffix, 8 Footwear
Flow Suffix, 8 Shoes
Warrior Suffix, 8 Footwear, Armor, Clothing
Muscular Suffix, 8 Metal Weapons, Metal Equipment
Hard Peaca Suffix, 8 Shoes
Weaving Suffix, 8 All
Poison Ranger's Suffix, 8 All
Mana Wizard Suffix, 7 All
The Dawn Suffix, 7 Handgear, Footwear
Flowing Suffix, 7 Footwear
Burst Warrior Suffix, 7 All
Ardent Suffix, 7 All
Mana Suffix, 7 Footwear
Burst Fighter Suffix, 6 All
Spiral Suffix, 6 Footwear
Enduring Suffix, 6 Footwear
Knight's Suffix, 6 Clothing, Armor, Footwear, Accessories
Archer's Suffix, 6 Handgear, Footwear, Accessories
Thunderbolt Suffix, 5 Footwear
Radiant Suffix, 5 Footwear
Immense Suffix, 5 Handgear, Footwear
Symbolic Suffix, 5 Handgear, Footwear
Arena Suffix, 4 Metal Boots, Metal Gauntlets
Arrogant Suffix, 4 Handgear, Footwear
Release Suffix, 4 Handgear, Footwear
the Maestro Suffix, 3 Handgear, Footwear