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(Campfire Kit)
(Bonus Roulette)
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* Spin the wheel to receive 1 of the following items:
* Spin the wheel to receive 1 of the following items:
** [[Morrighan Coin]] (possibly other coins??)
** [[Morrighan Coin]] (possibly other coins??)
** Check worth ??? gold
** [[8th Anniversary Check]] worth 110,000 Gold.
** Nothing
** Nothing
** 8th Anniversary Campfire Kit
** 8th Anniversary Campfire Kit

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The Festia Festival Advertisement
Permanent Start Date: November 10th, 2016


Festia has arrived to Mabinogi! A brand new festival, full of fun and games and new, special prizes available for all! Enjoy the carnival games, have fun with your fellow Milletian and win something too! [1]


Festia Landmark

There's no need to worry about traveling the world to reach Festia, you can reach it from the Festia tab on the Character Info screen and easily teleport to the wondrous festival. Be sure to speak with Tia when you first arrive, to begin your Festia adventures.

To participate in many of Festia's Minigames, you will need Festia VIP Passes. Earn passes every day by completing the daily quest handed out by Fez in Festia or competing in the Treasure Hunt.

Every one of the Permanent Minigames will have individual rankings, tracking the best players to participate over the course of two weeks. Those that do their best will receive 1-5 Festia Commemorative Gift Boxes, depending on their ranking, with the top three players earning special Durational Grandmaster Wings! Take a look at all of the events below and get cracking!

Of course, if all you want to do is hang out, sit down on the benches in the center of Festia. Rest here for 10 minutes to receive a collection of buffs as you chat with all your friends in Festia!

  • Great Mood Effect
  • The Landmark Area ranges from the Tree to where the stone paths meet the wooden floor
  • While resting you gain 18 EXP every second


Let's Go to Festia!
How to Get Quest

Log in during event period.

Briefing Hey there, Milletians! We're pleased to announce that Festia is open for your enjoyment! Come play some mini-games and take a load off!
-Fez and Tia
  • Talk to Tia after entering Festia
  • Learn about entering and leaving Festia
  • Learn about mini-games and attractions
  • Learn about the Landmark
  • Learn about the Festia Diary
  • Learn about the Rank System
  • 5,000 Experience Points
  • 1,000 Gold
Additional Information

Going to Festia
Click Enter on the Festia tab in the Character Info window.

Daily Quest

Another Round!
How to Get Quest

Log in to receive this quest.

Briefing A world of attractions are waiting for you in Festia! Why not take a look around?
Additional Information
  • Talking to Fez will grant you Festia VIP Pass x 3
  • The quest is obtainable for 1 character per account and resets at 7 A.M. PST

Shooting Gallery

Shooting Gallery
  • A good old-fashioned carnival Shooting Gallery!
  • Speak to the Shooting Gallery Staff to join the queue to get playing
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used in order to play
  • Once your turn comes, you'll have 60 seconds to take out as many targets, competing against a random opponent
  • Use Hold Breath by pressing Space Bar to steady your aim for a cleaner shot
  • With 15 seconds remaining, higher value targets will begin to appear
  • Rack up as many points as you can and when you're done, you'll be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box

Martial Darts

Martial Darts
  • Take on three other players with a simple game of darts!
  • Speak to the Martial Darts Staff to join the queue and get ready for a game!
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used in order to play
  • Throw darts at the board using the usual rules:
    • Each slice is worth the number of points noted on the rim
    • The outer band is worth double the value on the rim
    • The middle band is worth triple the value on the rim
    • The center is worth 50 points
  • The graphic at the bottom of the board notes the direction the wind is blowing
  • The player that gets closest to the points noted at the top of the scoreboard, without going over after three throws, wins the game!
  • Once the game is over, all players will be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box


  • Time to show off how heavy a hitter you are! Speak to the Clobbermeister Staff in Festia to join the queue!
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used in order to play
  • When your turn in the queue comes, click Start to begin the mini-game
  • You have 20 seconds to deal as much damage as possible to Matryoshka Punching Bags
  • Choose one or five Matryoshka Punching Bags and pile on the damage!
  • After your time elapses, you'll be removed from the mini-game area and be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box

Hammer Slam

Hammer Slam
  • Step right up to the Hammer Slam Staff and test your might!
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used in order to play
  • You can choose between a 2 or 4 player free-for-all, and be matched up with others in the queue
  • When it's your turn up, time your strike and slam the hammer down on the pad and out-hit your fellow players!
  • Regardless of who wins, everyone will be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box

Lorraine's Nightmare

Lorraine's Nightmare
  • Enter Lorraine's Nightmare by speaking to Lorraine in Festia along with up to 2 other players
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used by all party members in order to play
  • Select a Talent to use for the RP Battle, every combat Talent is available to be used but each party member must select a different Talent
  • You will be equipped with specific weapons, depending on your selected Talent
  • Zombies will (slowly) approach Lorraine's castle, trying to batter it down
  • Fight off the Zombies over 8 waves of foes
  • Slaying Zombies will reward you with event-only gold that can be used to upgrade your selected Talents
  • Once all players are killed, the castle is destroyed or the final zombie slain, the Nightmare will end and you will be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box

Crystal Defense

Crystal Defense
  • Speak to Monster Defense Staff in Festia to start the Minigame
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used in order to play
  • Waves of Monsters will appear in each corner of the area and will attack a Crystal in the center
  • Fight through up to 30 waves, increasing in difficulty as you go, and keep the Crystal intact as long as possible
  • If the Crystal is destroyed, you are killed or the final wave is defeated, the minigame will end and you will be rewarded with:

Tail Chasers

Tail Chasers
  • Speak to Tail Chasers Staff in Festia and choose whether to face a foe 1v1, or to join a 3v3 team battle
  • A Festia VIP Pass must be used in order to play
  • You can choose to participate in a 1v1 or 3v3 match, and once a mode is selected Catching Tails Joe will place you in a Matchmaking Queue.
  • Tail Chasers is an RP Dungeon, where instead of using your normal skills, you will be prompted to select a Talent (Archer, Mage or Warrior) that will define your skills for the dungeon.
  • Each team will move through the ring of dungeon rooms counter-clockwise, each team chasing the other. Clear the room faster to catch up to your opponents and drop traps looted from monsters to slow a pursuing team down.
  • If you can catch up to the other team before time expires, you'll win and both teams will be rewarded with a Festia Commemorative Gift Box

Fortune Teller

Bonus Roulette

  • Click on the Bonus Roulette machines located between Tia and Souvenir Merchant
  • Festia Roulette Coins can be obtained randomly from the Fortune Teller.
  • Spin the wheel to receive 1 of the following items:

Treasure Hunt

  • Speak to Fez in Festia to get the Treasure Hunt Event quest
  • Every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 6:00 PM server time, the Treasure Hunt will begin
  • Take your Mysterious Key and search throughout the Festia grounds for the Treasure Chest that matches your Mysterious Key
  • Open the chest and claim your prizes!
  • After 100 Chests have been opened, or 10 minutes has passed, the event will end, so no dawdling!

Treasure Hunt Rewards

Each Treasure Chest contains a Festia VIP Pass, plus a random item from the below list:

Festia Ranking Rewards

Festia Tab

Festia Tab

At the top of the tab you can find your Score for Festia that is gained through achievements in the Festia Diary, along with the button to Enter and Exit Festia (Must be outdoors to Enter and not in a Party with members in order to leave).

The Festia Tab keeps track of your stats for the Festia Festival. Your Entry Count, Fortunes Read, EXP and Bonuses received the Landmark, Plays, Win/Loss Percentages, and High Scores can all be found here.

By clicking one of the four icons you can view the Festia Diary. Here you can earn new rewards and additional prizes by completing minigame challenges and going to attractions.