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*[[Hot Time Event|Hot Time Event (2012-10-20)]]
*[[Hot Time Event|Hot Time Event (2012-10-20)]]
*[[Mabinogi Master Plan Event]]
*[[Mabinogi Master Plan Event]]
*[[Maple Leaf Event]]
*[[Maple Leaf Event (2015)]]
*[[Memento_Events#Memento_Bonus_Time_Event|Memento Bonus Time Event]]
*[[Memento_Events#Memento_Bonus_Time_Event|Memento Bonus Time Event]]
*[[Meowbinogi Catchapon Game! (2015)]]
*[[Meowbinogi Catchapon Game! (2015)]]

Latest revision as of 20:16, 20 February 2019

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For the basic version, see Reforging Tool.
For the highest version, see Credne's Reforging Tool.
For what removes reforge stats, see Reforging Restoration Tool.


Inventory icon of Fine Reforging Tool

2 × 2
Stack: 100

A highly sophisticated reforging tool meant for further reforging of an item. The level and type of reforging effects may be changed, but the number of reforging effects will not increase. You cannot use it on items that haven't been reforged.

  • Can only be traded between players once.

Fine Reforging Tool (Event)

  • Cannot be traded with another players.

Used In

  • Reforges a previously reforged item, changing its reforge bonuses with the possibility of ranking up the reforge. Does not change the number of different reforges on an item.
    • A cutscene will play if your item ranks up.
      • If the reforge rank is 1, it will guarantee a high level reforge.

Methods to Obtain