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For a quick comparison of shadow missions and difficulties, see Shadow Missions List.
For other missions, see Category:Shadow Missions.


  • Defeat the monsters spawning at 18 locations throughout the castle.
  • Sometimes Cerberus appears in these locations.
    • You cannot attack it, but it can attack you.
    • It ignores the Play Dead skill.
    • It attacks when its eyes glow a certain color.
      • bright red : Firebolt 3 times.
      • bright green : Arrow 3 times.
      • bright blue : Lighting bolt 3 times.
      • bright white : Icebolt 3 times.
      • bright purple : Emittes poisonous gas with radius similar to rank 5 windmill. You cannot use food or potion while you are near the gas.
  • After they are defeated, go to the deepest part of the castle to find the boss.
  • Boss is immune to all attack except Rusty Longswords.
  • Boss summons Rusty Flying Swords when its life is below 50%

Mission Information

  • Quest Board Location: Tara
  • Party Size: 1~5
  • Time Limit: 1 hour


The enemy's location is marked in red.



Monster Spawn Patterns