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|[[File:Pet Type(Creature).png|Creature]][[File:Pet Type(Medium).png|Medium]][[File:Pet Type(Small).png|Small]][[File:Pet Type(Terrestrial).png|Terrestrial]][[File:Pet Type(Flying).png|Flying]][[File:Pet Type(Elephant).png|Elephant]]
|[[File:Pet Type(Creature).png|Creature]][[File:Pet Type(Medium).png|Medium]][[File:Pet Type(Small).png|Small]][[File:Pet Type(Terrestrial).png|Terrestrial]][[File:Pet Type(Flying).png|Flying]][[File:Pet Type(Elephant).png|Elephant]]
|2h 24m
|2h 24m
|style="text-align:left" |
*EXP: 59,940
*Exploration EXP: 1,296 
*Pet EXP: 62,460 
*Gold: 3,600
*[[Pet Essential Oil]]  
*[[Pet Essential Oil]]  

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Pet Expedition Banner.jpg


Pet Expeditions are missions where players can send a team of their pets from their Homestead for various rewards. There are many missions, each with their own rewards and recommended Pet Types, which all reflect on different activities in the game.[1]


  • These are assigned based on the character's cumulative level, and they are categorized into Normal Expeditions, Today's Expeditions, and Special Expeditions.
    • Normal Expeditions: Four are assigned each day.
    • Today's Expeditions: One random expedition from the Normal Expeditions will be selected as Today's Expedition. There is an additional 15% chance to trigger a Huge Lucky Bonus.
    • Special Expeditions: These expeditions are not guaranteed to show up. You will be rewarded more handsomely compared to a regular expedition, as the completion time will take much longer.
    • Including the Special Expeditions, a maximum of 5 expeditions will be given per day, and a new list of expeditions will be assigned daily at 7:00 AM PDT.
  • An expedition that you've already claimed or started on will not be refreshed until 7:00 AM PDT the next day.
  • The list of expeditions that you can partake in may be different for each of the characters on your account.
  • An expedition identical to the one you're currently tasked with can be given again.
  • Expeditionary Venture Contracts are special items that can drop from certain Dungeons and Missions. Using them will automatically add the Pet Expedition that corresponds to the Dungeon or Mission the contract dropped from.
    • Expeditionary Venture Contracts cannot be used if you do not meet the cumulative level requirement, cannot be used if the mission board already offers the Contract's mission, or cannot be used if you have already used a contract that day.


  • You can choose up to a maximum of 3 pets per expedition.
    • This can be done manually or with the Auto-Formation feature.
      • Auto-Formation may not automatically select the best pets, instead sometimes favoring higher level pets over those with unique Pet Type bonuses.
        • In example, Auto-Formation may select three Small-type pets with three pet-type bonuses over a slightly lower level Medium-type pet (also with three bonuses). However, the mission reward may want both Small-type and Medium-type pets.
    • You can lock pets out of the Auto-Formation with a right-click on them in the pet list.
    • Pets that are currently summoned, knocked out, or pending deletion cannot be sent out.
    • You cannot send pets on another expedition if you already have 12 or more expeditions currently in progress.
    • Pets on an Expedition cannot be summoned, rebirthed, deleted, or otherwise used.
  • The success rate is based on the Expedition group's Pet Type bonuses, their combined stats, and whether the mission currently has the "Today's Expeditions" bonus of +15%.
    • A Buff Icon will be shown on the pets selected, with red arrows portraying positive influences and blue portraying bad ones.


  • Pets will gain 1 fatigue per expeditionary venture that they finish.
    • Pets will not gain fatigue if you cancel their current expedition.
    • Pets whose fatigue level is 3 or higher cannot partake in another expeditionary venture.
  • The fatigue level will reset to 0 when/at:
    • the pet rests in a Pet House in the Homestead.
    • the pet undergoes Rebirth.
    • you transfer a pet with fatigue to an Pet Adoption Medal.
    • 12:00pm PST100 Saturday, even while an expedition is still in progress, but you will gain 1 fatigue upon clicking ‘Expedition Complete’.

Pet Types

Pet Types
Creature Creature Inanimate Object Inanimate Object

Size Types
Small Small Medium Medium Large Large

Movement Types
Terrestrial Terrestrial Flying Flying

Race Types
Alpaca Alpaca Balloon Balloon Bear Bear Bird Bird Broom Broom
Car Car Carpet Carpet Cat Cat Cloud Cloud Cow Cow
Crab Crab Deer Deer Dog Dog Dragon Dragon Elephant Elephant
Fairy Fairy Fox Fox Ghost Ghost Horse Horse Mimic Mimic
Monkey Monkey Mouse Mouse Penguin Penguin Pig Pig Scooter Scooter
Seal Seal Sheep Sheep Snake Snake Spider Spider

Normal Expeditions


Shadow Missions

Tech Duinn Missions




Tailoring and Weaving

Blacksmithing and Refining

Hillwen Engineering and Magic Craft

Miscellaneous Crafting




Special Expeditions

double check the bonuses and descriptions for this section

Dungeons (Special)

Shadow Missions (Special)

Tech Duinn Missions (Special)

Blacksmithing and Refining (Special)

Commerce (Special)