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Fortinbras's Expedition

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For a quick comparison of theater missions and difficulties, see Theater Mission.
For other missions, see Category:Theater Missions.


  • Defend the NPC Civilians as monsters spawn. If all of them die, you fail the mission.
  • Monsters are spawned in a total of 8 waves, and appear in incredibly large numbers.
  • You can give some Magic Crystals to Gavron. These Magic Crystals will aid you in a certain way (see chart below).
    • The only way to achieve the Magic Crystals is by mining them.
    • You may buy a Pickaxe from Gavron for 500 Gold.
Crystal Effect 1st Require Stack 2nd Require Stack 3rd Require Stack
Yellow Crystal Increase Civilian Defense 3 6 12
White Crystal Decrease Monster Defense 4 8 15
Blue Crystal Add 1 Civilian 3 6 12
Red Crystal Decrease Monster HP 5 10 18

Mission Information

  • Party Size: 1~5
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes


Monster Spawn Patterns