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G22 Pre-Update Events Advertisement
December 27th, 2018 - January 10th, 2019


G22 is upon us, so it's time to kick-off some pre-update events! Get ready for the Apocalypse, by collecting Briogh early, or log in consecutive days to upgrade your G22 Tomorrow's Gift Box. Check out the full details below![1]

Sealed Briogh Marble Event

Event Dates: Thursday, December 27, After Maintenance - Thursday, January 10, Before Maintenance

Event Details

  • Head to the Strange Man in Dunbarton to register a main character.
  • Once registered you will receive a Sealed Briogh Marble.
  • Level up, clear dungeons or missions, or clear daily quests to obtain Briogh in your Sealed Briogh Marble.
  • You may only obtain up to 1,500 Briogh of each type during the event.
  • You will also get a quest to learn certain skills an obtain a certain item, when you register. By completing the quest, you can earn extra Briogh.
  • If your character already knows the skills and has the item, then the objective will automatically complete.
  • Once the event is over, and you learned about Techniques, you will be able to use the marble to collect the accumulated Briogh.


  • 10 Briogh of Achievement is awarded every time you level.
  • 50 Briogh of Challenge is awarded by clearing any of the following: Dungeons, Shadow Missions, Theatre Missions, or Raid Bosses.
    • The difficulty of the content does not affect the amount of Briogh obtained.
  • 50 Briogh of Discipline is awarded by clearing any repeatable quest.
    • This includes collection quests such as gathering 10 mimic formor scrolls.

G22 Tomorrow's Gift Box

Event Dates: Saturday, January 5th - Wednesday, January 9th

Event Details

  • Log in consecutively for 3 days.
  • You will receive a G22 Tomorrow's Gift Box on January 5th ONLY.
  • You must open the box before January 9th.
  • You need to use the box to upgrade the box.
  • The box can only be upgraded during 1/5(Sat)-1/8(Tue). You can't upgrade the box on 1/9(Wed), but you can still open it and receive rewards.
  • When you get the box, you should use the box at least once. There will be a pop-up message that asks you if want to open the box.
  • When you click [Open the Box] button, the message will show you the reward you are supposed to get, and ask you if you want to [Get prize right now] or give up the current reward and [Open again next day].
  • If you click [Get the prize right now], you will get today's reward, and the box will disappear. Hence, you cannot get the next day's box.
  • If you click [Open again next day], you won't get today's reward, but you will get the next day's box. You can open it the next day, and do the same thing.


G22 Tomorrow's Gift Box Day 1

When opened you will receive one of the below items.

G22 Tomorrow's Gift Box Day 2

When opened you will receive one of the below items.

G22 Tomorrow's Gift Box Day 3

When opened you will receive one of the below items and a Combat 2x EXP Potion (30 mins) (Quantity: 3), a Fine Reforging Tool (Event), and a Complete Skill EXP Potion (1 Hour).