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#*Your Doppelganger will mainly use [[Alchemy]] abilities, namely [[Water Cannon]], [[Wind Blast]], and [[Flame Burst]]. It can also do [[Spear of Light]] and [[Fury of Light]]. Attempt to dodge all these attacks.
#*Your Doppelganger will mainly use [[Alchemy]] abilities, namely [[Water Cannon]], [[Wind Blast]], and [[Flame Burst]]. It can also do [[Spear of Light]] and [[Fury of Light]]. Attempt to dodge all these attacks.
#**A fast mount is useful, but not necessary since most skills may be dodged by circling the stage. Be aware of your distance to the Doppelganger, however, since it receives a speed boost from [[Awakening of Light]].
#**A fast mount is useful, but not necessary since most skills may be dodged by circling the stage. Be aware of your distance to the Doppelganger, however, since it receives a speed boost from [[Awakening of Light]].
#**[[Evasion]] is strongly recommended, roughly at least a minimal of Rank 9 due to the double roll.
#**[[Evasion]] is strongly recommended, at least Rank 9 due to the double roll.
#*The point of part one is to remove your Doppelganger's [[Awakening of Light]]. This is done by using [[Life Drain]] on it after using [[Elatha's Music Box]].
#*The point of part one is to remove your Doppelganger's [[Awakening of Light]]. This is done by using [[Life Drain]] on it after using [[Elatha's Music Box]].
#**Use Elatha's Music Box once you see your Doppelganger using [[Taunt]], which is always right after a [[Fury of Light]]. An easier way to use the Music Box it to hold control and click the music box in your inventory.
#**Use Elatha's Music Box once you see your Doppelganger using [[Taunt]], which is always right after a [[Fury of Light]]. An easier way to use the Music Box it to hold control and click the music box in your inventory.

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
If you do not wish to read further, please return to the home page.
Chapter 3 Mainstream Icon.png It is necessary to be Level 15 or higher in order to begin this mainstream scenario.
Any race may take part in Generation 10, but Generation 9 must have been completed and you must relog or change channels in order to start G10.
The Shadow Mission difficulty is based on your total level:

Beginner for 1~99 total
Intermediate for 100~299 total
Advanced for 300~999 total
Hard for 1000+ total

Padan's Call

File:Royal Guardsman Coat of Arms.gif Name Padan's Call NPC Padan

You can avoid the Shadow Ghosts.
If you quit or fail either mission, talk to Padan to receive it again.


  1. Upon completion of G9, log-out or change channels to view the beginning cutscene.
  2. Wait for an owl to bring the quest. Talk to Padan in Tara.
  3. Complete the solo Shadow Mission (Survivor Rescue).
    • There are four Shadow Ghosts in front of Tara's gate. They're rather strong; you can avoid fighting them if needed by walking around them or zip past them with a mount.
    • At the front gate, you must defeat the bone enemies guarding a human Soldier. However, the Soldier will not help you in battle.
    • You have 40 minutes to complete the Shadow Mission.
    • Upon completion you'll receive a 2x2-sized badge.
  4. Talk to Padan and he will give you Leymore's Journal (2x2).
  5. Complete the solo RP (Leymore's Investigation Log) at Taillteann's altar.
    • You will RP as Leymore.
    • There is no need to fight the monsters. Just run past them and search for Elatha around the lake's coast to talk to him.
  6. Complete the quest and wait for the next one.

Andras and Elatha

File:Andras's Orgel.gif Name Andras and Elatha NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras in Taillteann. She will give you 'Andras' Music Box'.
  2. Use Andras' Music Box to view a cutscene. You will receive a Shadow Mission Quest afterwards.
  3. Complete the solo Shadow Mission (Caliburn's Secret).
    • Defeat the enemies around the Beacon Mound to open the gates to Taillteann.
      • You will have to defeat 3 waves of enemies before the gates open.
    • Talk to Elatha at the alchemy equipment (near Dorren's normal location).
  4. You will receive the keyword "Clue Regarding Goddess Neamhain" when you complete the quest.

Collect Clues Regarding Goddess Neamhain

Portrait of Neamhain.png

Portrait of Tara Landscape.png
Lezarro's Poem.png
File:Unusual Book.png
Lymilark Scripture.png
Neamhain's Feather Decoration.png Lileas's Honey Drink.png

Name Collect Clues Regarding Goddess Neamhain NPC Hans

  1. This part consists of four different sections that take place in Tara. You can do them in any order. Use the "Clue Regarding Goddess Neamhain" keyword to initiate each quest.
    • Note: The items take up a lot of inventory space, and they cannot be stored in Pets nor in the Bank.
  2. [Part 1: Portrait of Neamhain] (size: 2x2)
    1. Talk to Hans, who is located in the square with the fountain, with the keyword.
    2. Wear a Suit for Alchemist-in-Training. Talk to Hans and he will request you to model for a painting. He will give you a 2x2 portrait of your character.
      • The Suit for Alchemist-in-Training is only bought from Brenda of Taillteann. It costs 89,000g.
      • You do not need the portrait. You may simply keep it or toss it away.
    3. Talk to Hans again. He will ask you to deliver a 2x2-sized landscape of Tara to Keith.
    4. Talk to Keith, who is located north of the shopping square.
    5. Talk to Hans to receive the first key item.
  3. [Part 2: Lezarro's Inscription] (size: 2x2)
    1. Talk to Lezarro, who is located by the gate heading towards the castle, with the keyword to receive a Shadow Mission (Obtain the Rare Book).
    2. Hit switches all over Tara to spawn enemies. There are three waves per switch. When you've hit them all, the center square (with the fountain) will be open. Defeat the Zombie Soldiers in the square to finish the quest and receive a 2x2-sized book.
    3. Bring the book to Lezarro to receive the second key item.
  4. [Part 3: Lymilark Scripture] (size: 1x2)
    1. Talk to Pencast, who is located in front of the cathedral (appears as Pontiff's Court on the map) doors, with the keyword. You will receive Pencast's Taming Cane and 50 Pencast's Taming Bait.
    2. Tame a Lost Cat and then talk to Pencast. The nearest kittens are east of the cathedral.
    3. Tame a Lost Dog and then talk to Pencast. The nearest puppies are northwest of the cathedral.
      • Even at low taming ranks, you should be able to tame both animals with plenty of bait to spare.
    4. Talk to Pencast again, you will receive the third key item.
  5. [Part 4: Neamhain's Feather Decoration] (size: 2x2)
    1. Talk to Lileas, who manages the jousting arena, with the keyword to receive a Shadow Mission (Obtain Shadow Honey).
      • Although monsters are present, no fighting is required in this quest.
      • Simply look for the trees with honeycombs and hit them to collect the Shadow Realm Honey (2x2). You will need 5 of these.
        • You may also get them all from the same tree.
    2. Talk to Lileas to give her the honey. She will give you Lileas's Honey Drink. Drink it and watch a cutscene.
    3. Talk to Lileas again.
    4. Talk to Eluned at the clothing shop.
    5. Talk to Lileas, and select "Battle Adair." You will face Adair in a Jousting battle. Win against him in order to proceed.
      • You cannot joust him if he is jousting someone else, or all the lanes are full.
    6. Talk to Eluned to receive the final key item.

Goddess's Memorial

File:Memories of Neamhain.png Name Goddess's Memorial NPC Andras

  1. Talk to Andras to receive a Shadow Mission (Neamhain's Memorial).
    1. Enter Taillteann and talk to Elatha, who is near the platform where Andras would be. A cutscene will occur followed by a conversation.
      • Talk to him again to learn the Synthesis skill if you do not already have it.
    2. Use the Dry Ovens inside the boss room in the middle of the square. Mix all four items you received earlier to get Neamhain's Memorial.
      • It is not necessary to defeat the monsters surrounding the oven to complete the quest, but it's highly recommended to get rid of the ones closest to the oven to prevent them from interrupting you synthesizing.
      • Note: You cannot use Synthesis with items in your hands.
      • You are unable to use the Dry Ovens located where Eabha/Dorren were.
    3. Passing rate is 99%. Should you fail, return to the four NPCs in the previous missions to gather the items again.
      • You are not required to redo their requests, however.
  2. Use the Neamhain's Memorial to view a cutscene.
  3. Talk to Andras. She'll give you the Dark Lord's Token (1x1).
  4. Use the emblem at Ciar Dungeon for Elatha's RP quest. [30,000 EXP]
  5. Wait for the next quest.

Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom

File:Leymore's Notebook.gif Name Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom NPC Pencast

  1. Talk to Pencast to receive the Book of Tir Na Nog's Doom. Manually complete the quest.

Explorer of Iria

File:Historic Ruins Pass.gif

File:Iria Cubic.gif
File:Irinid's Ancient Relic.gif
File:Irinid's Ancient Relic 2.gif
File:Rain Maker's Crystal.gif

Name Explorer of Iria NPC Alexina, Castanea, Kirine

  1. Depending on your race, talk to the respective NPC.
  2. Achieve a current exploration level of 10 or above and talk to the NPC again to receive a collection book and a dungeon pass.
  3. The book requires you to collect cubes(1x1). They have a 100% drop rate from Mimics in the dungeon that the pass belongs to. Humans go to Karu, elves to Maiz Prairie Ruins, and giants to Par. Mimics can spawn in the first and second room of the dungeon, so, to speed up the process, it may be best to get multiple passes (~10 passes recommended, depending on the race) and just doing those rooms only.
  4. Each race must collect a different set of cubes. Humans must collect nine cubes, while elves must collect six cubes, and giants must only collect five cubes. The cubes are specific to either human, elf, or giant, and the mimics will only drop the cubes which correspond to your race.
    1. Human cube list:
      • Flower
      • Human
      • Star
      • Monkey
      • Sheep (appears as Ship in game)
      • Tree
      • Bird
      • Snake
      • Sun
    2. Elf cube list:
      • Spider
      • Scorpion
      • Sandworm
      • Fish
      • Rhinoceros
      • Lizard
    3. Giant cube list:
      • Whirlpool
      • Fruit-bearing Tree
      • Unflyable Bird
      • Pegasus
      • Reindeer
  5. Read the completed book and click the button on the first page to collect the reward and receive the Irinid's Ancient Artifact (1x1).
  6. Talk to your NPC from step one. Manually complete the quest and wait for the next step. [35,000 EXP]

Recovering the Ancient Irinid's Relic

File:Arenen's Engagement Ring.gif

File:Ilsa's Handkerchief.gif

Name Recovering the Ancient Irinid's Relic NPC Arenen, Voight

  1. Talk to Voight in Cor. He'll partially restore the relic.
  2. Talk to Arenen in Calida Exploration Camp to receive Arenen's Engagement Ring.
  3. Drop the ring at Maiz Prairie Ruins in the Rano region to start a solo RP quest.
    • It is a normal 1-floor Maiz Dungeon.
    • Arenen is one of the few NPCs that has Playing Dead. Take advantage of this by using it when you've been aggro'd by Ghosts or Slates and wait for them to forget about you before getting up.
    • Arenen has Rock Throwing as his only ranged attack, and has no magic or alchemy skills.
    • Although Arenen has an Ancient Taming Cane and 10 baits, he has no skill with it. He can gain the Taming Wild Animals at Novice by wielding the cane, though very ineffective.
    • Arenen does, however, have 3 AP, which is useful for ranking Sword Mastery to rank D.
    • There is no boss; just a cutscene.
  4. Talk to Voight to receive [Ilsa's Handkerchief] (2x2).
  5. Drop the handkerchief at Maiz Prairie Ruins to enter Voight's RP quest. It requires 2 people.
    • It is a normal 1-floor Maiz Dungeon. It is effectively the same as the one Arenen did but from Voight and Ilsa's perspective.
    • You play as Ilsa and your partymate plays as Voight.
    • Ilsa's only offensive skill is Rank 9 Lightning Bolt while Voight attacks with Rank 7 Combat Mastery, Rank 5 Critical Hit, Rank 9 Smash, Rank 6 Counterattack, Rank 5 Windmill, and Rank B Charge, so Voight must do most (or perhaps all) of the fighting.
    • Ilsa also has rank Novice Combat Mastery which is rankable to F. However, other then the added HP, its not very helpful.
    • Ilsa can help primarily by getting the monster's attention and then Playing Dead to take some heat off of Voight, especially in the multi-aggro situations.
    • It is possible for Ilsa to learn Counterattack by simply getting countered. However, it is still not very helpful at low ranks.
    • Neither characters have Phoenix Feathers, so incapacitation can be quite critical. The only way to obtain the feathers is by monster drops.
  6. Talk to Arenen.
  7. Clear the quest. Wait for the next one.

Rain Maker - Irinid

Rain Maker Arrow.png Name Rain Master - Irinid NPC Kousai

  1. Talk to Kousai in Cor and he will teach you the Rain Casting skill.
  2. Use the skill once. Ranking is not required.
    • You are not given a Cylinder to perform the action.
  3. Talk to Kousai again.
  4. Drop the Rain Maker Arrow onto the altar at Longa Desert Ruins in Connous. You may bring a party to complete this quest.
    • Note: Kousai will say that this dungeon can only be performed on Samhain (Saturday), but this rule no longer exists.
    • The dungeon is a mix of the Emerald, Topaz and Amethyst dungeons. It has 3 floors.
    • The boss is "Possessed Cai."
      • He behaves very much like a Shadow Alchemist, so it shouldn't be too difficult to defeat him.
      • If Cai is left alone for too long, he may shout something and level up.
      • Note: For some reason, the party leader will be forcibly removed from the dungeon prior to defeating Cai, but the party members will remain.
    • Every party member who is currently doing the quest will finish their quest on completion of the dungeon.
  5. Clear the quest. Wait for the next one.

Pencast's Call

File:Dark Lord Coat of Arms.gif Name Pencast's Call NPC Pencast

If you fail or exit the mission, you will automatically regain it. If you quit the mission, talk to Pencast again to receive it.


  1. Talk to Pencast to receive a Shadow Mission (Fomor Mata).
  2. The mission is solo.
    • You must defeat a few sets of enemies leading from the north gate of Tara to the Jousting arena. Watch the cutscene.
    • You will be introduced to Mata, and you must beat him in a Joust. If you fail, you must restart the entire mission.
    • After you win, you must defeat Mata in combat.
  3. Clear the quest. Wait.

Fight for Courcle's Heart

File:Dark Life Drain Crystal.gif Name Fight for Courcle's Heart NPC Padan

  1. Talk to Padan to receive a Shadow Mission (Assist the Shadow Realm Expeditionary Force). You may bring up to 8 people.
  2. Clear the quest. Wait.

Courcle's Heart

File:Elatha's Orgel.gif Name Courcle's Heart NPC Padan

  1. Talk to Padan to receive a Shadow Mission (Light and Darkness). See here for a detailed guide.[1]
    • There will be a long cutscene after which you'll be sent to the Soul Stream.
    • You will face your Doppelganger in this part. This battle will consist of two parts.
    • In both parts, whoever hits the Doppelganger will take 50% of the damage inflicted on it so make sure to keep your health at a reasonable level (use of mana shield is also recommended). The Doppelganger still takes the full damage. (e.g. If you hit it 600 damage, it will take 600 damage, and you will take 300 damage.) When you take half of your damage, instead of being knocked unconscious you will be put into deadly status instead.
      • Using Life Drain cancels the effect, therefore you don't take 50% of the damage you inflicted on it.
    • If you happen to die, you may resurrect fully up to 3 times in a manner similar to Nao's Revival by selecting the Morrighan's Protection option, except the resurrection is instant. If you have used up all 3, starting the mission over will restore them. This method and that of Advanced Phoenix Feathers (provided you are not accompanied by a Royal Alchemist) are the only way to resurrect in this mission.
      • If you do happen to spend up all your Protections but barely made any progress, it is suggested to restart, as you will have refreshed revivals and return to the same spot you were in.
  2. Part One
    • You will be given a Cylinder and 5 Dark Life Drain Crystals. Make sure you equip the Cylinder. (It is best to enter this battle bare-handed so that the cylinder is instantly equipped)
    • Your Doppelganger will mainly use Alchemy abilities, namely Water Cannon, Wind Blast, and Flame Burst. It can also do Spear of Light and Fury of Light. Attempt to dodge all these attacks.
      • A fast mount is useful, but not necessary since most skills may be dodged by circling the stage. Be aware of your distance to the Doppelganger, however, since it receives a speed boost from Awakening of Light.
      • Evasion is strongly recommended, at least Rank 9 due to the double roll.
    • The point of part one is to remove your Doppelganger's Awakening of Light. This is done by using Life Drain on it after using Elatha's Music Box.
      • Use Elatha's Music Box once you see your Doppelganger using Taunt, which is always right after a Fury of Light. An easier way to use the Music Box it to hold control and click the music box in your inventory.
        • If you were using a mount to evade Fury of Light, desummon it when the doppelganger taunts, rather than dismount. It is faster.
      • Dark Life Drain Crystals have no "Use" command, so you cannot click on them directly to activate them; you must set the skill to a hotkey. Also, if you have any normal Life Drain Crystals, put them on the upper left corner above any Dark Life Drains so they are not consumed.
        • If you brought a Royal Alchemist along, you may give him/her the Dark Life Drain Crystals to use on the Doppelganger.
      • Life Drain must finish before the Doppelganger recovers. This part may therefore be more difficult with low-ranked Life Drain, due to their longer channeling times.
      • It must also completely recover your health, excluding wounded health. So it is recommended to either use health potions to completely heal yourself then attack the Doppelganger with your weakest attack to lower you health by a minor amount, or to have a higher ranked Life Drain for a larger draining amount.
    • While it takes damage in part one, its Awakening of Light causes it to have regeneration, effectively rendering all attacks worthless.
      • If you succeed, you will receive a cutscene.
  3. Part Two
    • You will now be able to use Demigod mode and the skills introduced at a specific rank determined by the mission difficulty. Kill your main Doppelganger to complete the quest.
      • You may use Demigod skills indefinitely and without penalty for the duration of the fight. Use the boosted recovery and movement speed to your advantage.
    • The Doppelganger loses its Demigod powers but is now capable of summoning five clones to take you down. It will only summon the clones when given an opportunity to, and they aren't relatively very hard to defeat. However, you will need to kill all the clones in order to deal damage to your actual Doppelganger.
      • Avoid aggroing the Doppelganger while killing the clones since it will cause more clones to spawn.
        • Detection can be avoided during the fight by staying close to the edge, luring a clone with an Icebolt or Ranged Attack, and then killing them away from the Doppleganger.
          • Spear of Light is likely to kill the clones in a single hit. It is possible to use Demigod's speed boost to group the clones and wipe them out with light spears.
    • Unlike Shadow Cast City, Ice Spear can freeze the Doppelganger and its clones. Following the Ice Spears, Spear of Light may be used to inflict further damage.
    • A Chaincast Fire Wand with Rank 1 Firebolt can one-hit most Advanced-level Clones. Demigod MP recovery makes this a very useful tactic, however it is not recommended for the Hardmode level.
    • The main Doppelganger will be distracted by pets or another attacker, unless Windmill is used. It will not it flinch at any attack. You may utilize this to command a pet to distract the Doppelganger as you attack the clone, then desummon it and repeat with others.
      • Because it is not distracted, you may summon a pet, command it to attack as you load Spear of Light, let the Doppelganger aggro the pet, launch the spear, desummon the pet, wait for your Spear to recharge, repeat.
    • Strong pets are encouraged to serve as a distraction against the clones.
    • Once all the clones are taken out, you can spam Windmill on the Doppelganger without retaliation as Windmill resets its AI every time it's hit by. This works the best with rank 9 Windmill or above. You can also cast Spear of Light during the spinning animation as well.
    • Play Dead will work on the Doppelganger. Thus a viable option of defeating it is to use Spear of Light, then Fury of Light, then Play Dead until the skill timer for the two skills resets.
    • One of the fastest way to kill the Doppelganger is to gather up Dark Life Drain Crystals and constantly Windmill and spam Life Drain.This works better if you have a Royal Alchemist there so the Doppelganger has somebody to aggro onto, or you can just use a pet. This method will kill the doppelganger a-lot faster because the Dark Life Drains do higher amounts of damage than normal Life Drain Crystals. This is only recommended for people that have Life Drain above rank 9 for a higher damage delivered per drain..
      • For Giants, however, Playing Dead is not an option due to the fact they cannot acquire the skill. In order to effectively defeat the Doppleganger, you need to spam Spear of Light (you will be deadly at all times while attempting this), while staying away from your Doppleganger and the other clones. If the clones respawn you need to kill them as soon as possible with Spear of Light. Stay as close to the edge of the area as possible as trying to cut corners will get you too close to the Doppleganger and it will either use its Water Cannon, or Wind Blast to kill you, along with the clones that will one hit kill you.
    • A low risk method to defeat the Doppelganger and its clones is to use Shock and repeatably Life Drain. Shock will stun and eventually kill all the clones as well as deal minor damage to the Doppelganger to allow for life drain. High rank shock and life drain will make quick work of the doppelganger with almost no risk of death even on Hard.
    • It is possible to use Adniel's Horn Bugle to summon Adniel to damage the Doppelganger.
    • Using Mana Shield is strongly encouraged.
  4. Once you've beaten the Doppelganger, you'll have cleared Generation 10 and be awarded with the Demigod skills at rank F:
  5. Manually complete the quest to claim the EXP.

The mainstream continues in Generation 11.