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Generation 22: Apocalypse

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For explanation and advice for Generations, see Mainstream Quests.

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Spoiler icon.png This article contains spoilers.
If you do not wish to read further, please return to the home page.
  • You may start Generation 22 after reaching total level 5,000, but it is suggested to do the other Mainstream Quests to understand the story more.
  • The quests in this Generation will appear under the "Apocalypse" tab.

NPCs involved in Apocalypse

Part 1

The Long Night's Beginning

StrangeBoy.png Name The Long Night's Beginning NPC Piran, Cethlenn

Investigate the suspicious happenings in Dunbarton


  1. Examine the suspicious evidence on the ground
  2. Discover where the strange sound came from
  3. Enter the Shadow Mission.
    • A short cutscene will play. Afterward, you will fight three waves of enemies before facing Cethlenn
      • The shielded enemies can ping off melee attacks.
      • Cethlenn can use Snapcast, Ice Spear, ???
      • At the third wave you can run and a cutscene will play.
  4. Complete the quest. [50,000 EXP; 5,000 G]
  5. Wait a short while to get the next quest.