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Basic Information

  • Gestures display how the character is feeling through body movements and facial changes.
  • Gestures are accessible from the Actions menu, under the "Gestures" tab.
  • Giant gestures appear slightly different than a Human/Elf.
  • Gestures can be used while stunned or knocked down.

Free Gestures

  • Salute - the character stands at attention and gives a salute.
  • Formal Greeting - the character bows (male) or curtsies (female)
  • Dance1 - the character does 3 dances.
  • Greet - the character waves.
  • Laugh - the character laughs, clenching at his/her stomach and bending forward.
    • This gesture changes if a puppet is equipped.
  • Cry - the character puts an arm over his/her eyes and sobs.
  • Clap - the character claps approvingly.
  • Positive - the character nods affirmatively.
  • Negative - the character waves a hand and shakes his/her head negatively.
  • Angry - the character turns to the side and pouts.

Premium Gestures

Premium Gesture.png
  • Dance2 - the character does a dance that seems to resemble the act of running away, arms flailing.
  • Dance3 - the character does a dance seemingly suited for a football endzone dance or a rave.
  • Dance4 - the character does a dance with fancy footwork.
  • Doubt - the character shrugs.
  • Surprise - the character recoils backward, startled.
  • Doomed - the character drops down to his/her knees in despair.
  • Kiss - the character places his/her right arm on his/her hip and blows a kiss with a wink.
  • Beg - the character raises his/her left arm and drops down to his/her knees with two hands together.
  • Music - the character sits down, and either claps (male) or sways (female). This gesture continues for an indefinite time until canceled.
    • Note: While the character is sitting down, it does not have the Rest Skill's effects.
  • Meme - the character raises his/her left hand.
  • Hooray - the character throws his/her arms in the air, followed by some clapping.
  • Taunt - (Giants Only) the character punches his/her right fist into his/her left hand together and beacons someone towards him/her.
  • Charge - (Giants Only) the character thrusts his/her left arm forward as if it's the start of a battle.
  • Shy - the character looks uncomfortable and scratches his head (male) or looks down and sweeps her left foot a bit on the floor (female).
  • Boastcostume - the character dusts off his right shoulder and leg and poses (male) or twirls around (female).
  • Boastpower/Boastbody - the character flexes his muscles (male) or poses attractively (female).
  • Hungry - the character grips his/her arms around his/her stomach in pain.
  • Followme - the character beckons toward himself/herself and nods his/her head.
  • Lol - the character chuckles behind one hand and waves his/her arm in front of him/her.
  • Stinks - the character sniffs in front of him/her and sighs at the delicious smell.
  • Yes - the character shakes his/her fists excitedly and throws his/her right arm into the air with exhilaration.

Obtainable Gestures

Valentines Gesture 1.png
Valentines Gesture 2.png
  • I Love You! - a beating heart appears above the character as they form a heart with his/her hands above their head, then either sways (male) or blows a kiss with both hands (female).
  • Rage - the character swings their arms down and stomping with the right foot, while shaking their head in anger.
  • Splat - the character flails backwards, and gets back up slowly.
  • Shiver - the character starts bouncing on their toes while rubbing the left arm with the right hand and vice versa.
  • Crossed Arms - the character crosses their arms and nods.
  • Look Around - the character bends the knees while surveying the surrounding area in alert.
  • Jump - the character makes a quick leap on the spot into the air.
  • Formal Greeting 2 - the character places their right hand on their chest and makes a quick bow.
  • Cheer - the character raises both arms and swings them around happily.
  • Collapse - the character slowly gets on their knees, then lays down to the right; after making a slight chuckle with the left hand near the mouth.
  • Gasp - the character jumps back and makes quick glances at the surrounding environment.
  • Clumsy - the character places both hands out while tripping over their right foot, thus falling onto the ground; after they get up and brushes their nose with the right hand.
  • Toady - the character bends their waist down while rubbing their hands together; after the character places the right hand out while supporting it with the left hand.
  • Cutie - the character places both hands on cheeks and shakes the head and then bends down and places the right hand out as to pet a small critter (female). The character waves both hands up at shoulder's length and shakes the head and then extends both hands down, gesturing the hands to come, while shuffling left and right (male).
  • Wahoo - the character places two hands near the mouth like a blow horn and "yells" around.
  • Adorable - the character waves with their right hand then left then both touches their cheeks puts their hands on their hips touches their cheeks while shaking their head then shrugs (Obtainable from the Alpaca Mascot Box from the roulette game in Mabinogi 7th Year Anniversary Event)
  • Insect Collector - the character swings a bug-catching net around the air then looks at it closely (Obtainable from the Insect Book collection book during the Wishbone Exchange Event.)
  • Applause (?) - the character raises both arms and beats the air with cheer sticks then lowers left arm while the right arm continues to beat the air. (Obtainable from the Mabipalooza Event.)


  • Courtship is referred to as Propose on the website.
  • I Love You! appears as iloveyou in the gesture tab.