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Portrait of Gillach
Race ??
Gender Male
Occupation Wandering Mage
Location Various
Secret Moonlight Hideout


Moonlight Dreams Story

Gillach is first encountered after Kristell and Maydi ask the Milletian to investigate the strange dark energy around Tir Chonaill.

The energy is concentrated around a Juju Doll in the Tir Chonaill eastern pasture. Gillach is present and admits to installing the Juju Doll in order to mitigate the dark energy. Gillach requests the Milletian's assistance in the maintenance of the Juju Doll in Tir Chonaill and another Juju Doll at Dunbarton's Rabbie Dungeon.

Upon reporting back to Kristell, the Milletian then tracks down Gillach's secret hideout where evidence insinuates that Gillach know more about the dark energy than he is letting on.


Gillach's Moonlight Coin Shop

Gillach's Moonlight Coin Shop.
Icon Item Cost (Moonlight Coins) Expires Trades
Drawstring Pouch (Birman Bag).png Drawstring Pouch (Birman Bag) 190 No Expire Trade Limit 1
Homestead Kit.png Homestead Halloween Puppet Altar 80 No Expire Fully Tradeable
Homestead Kit.png Homestead Halloween Shelf of Oddities 40 No Expire Fully Tradeable
Onyx.png Onyx (Quantity: 1) 2 No Expire Fully Tradeable
Onyx.png Onyx (Quantity: 5) 10 No Expire Fully Tradeable
Fine Onyx.png Fine Onyx (Quantity: 1) 20 No Expire Character Bound
Gillach Marionette Figure (Tradable).png Gillach Marionette Figure (Tradable) 200 No Expire Fully Tradeable